Friday, January 1, 2016

CBS News 'Face The Nation' This Sunday, Jan 3, 2016

...We'll also sit down with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, and we'll ask the GOP frontrunner - who dominated much of the media coverage of the Republican primary in 2015 - how he hopes to build on that success in 2016. 
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  1. OMG watching Face The Nation! The Hillary Clinton LAP DOGS Ruth Markus and Molly Ball talking very desperate and like they are from another planet!! First AFTER Trump talked about a MULTIPLE number of substantive issues...Markus states..."he has no substance"?? Then Molly Ball called Trump a LIAR saying that the CNN Poll does not have him winning Iowa? OF course it does and it is amazing how these people believe that the public does NOT know when they LIE! I thought the interview was a really good one, however I think Mr. Trump need to point out this is NOT about Bill Clinton it is all about Hillary Clinton and HER mistreatment of all women who were mistreated BY Bill Clinton. Trump can absolutely believe that Bill Clinton's (some) politics were good during his era, but WE are now talking about Hillary and HER pandering to WOMEN who she has shown she has NO respect for!

    1. At least you can still watch without gagging! I had to cancel my subscription to The New York Times last year when Obama (whom I voted for) pushed through his Amnesty, which that ridiculous newspaper supported. Now, I can barely look at its front page without gagging -- so dishonest, so eager to break the number one rule of journalism: don't editorialize. But that's ALL they do with Trump: editorialize, editorialize, editorialize. It's as though the American media woke up last year and decided to jettison even the pretense of basic journalism.

      The American media has instead decided that their goal is to convince voters who they should vote for.

      The New York Times, The Washington Post, the pundits in Face the Nation and other media outlets are political organizations that just happen to include news articles.

      Can a democracy long survive with a corrupt and dishonest media like this????!?!

      Our political pundits have become howling lunatics unhinged from any duty to truth and fairness when it comes to Trump.

      But at least they haven't editorialized the weather report....l


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