Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fox News #mediabuzz - Jan 24, 2016


  1. Donald Trump - when are you going tol earn that every one living in the USA today, except native americans, are products of immigration. I believe we need a strong policy on immigration. But building a wall - really? Just one stupid thing after another - you will never change. How about you crawl back under the wall youcame from. I could go on & on. One last thing - just a bit of advice: immigrate to Russia so you can build a trump tower, but before you leave, take down all trump towers in the USA tobuild a wall around your new residence in Russia. Happy retirement! Pat

  2. Pat, you are acting like a REAL BRAINWASHED MORON, and we understand you are one of the "paid Clinton supporters", who is trying to brainwash people visiting here! It would NOT work! About the wall - This is what people want. IT has nothing to do with LEGAL IMMIGRATION, YOU UNDERSTAND????!! Trump said LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are welcome here, he would change the law to make sure the top foreign student stay in the USA vs. Clinton's status quo, who would NEVER change anything! Walls do work against criminals and ILLEGALS, just ask Israel; in addition, why you care, since Mexico is going to pay for the Wall anyway'; would cost us ZERO, and we will get some great protection from ILLEGALS, ISIS, and DRUG criminals; As the BITCH Clinton wants, YOU WOULD PAY for everything she imposes out of your own pocket!!! Do you realize how stupid you are? YOU ARE a TOTALLY misguided - this election is about honesty and trust. The choice of this election is easy to make and pretty simple- VOTE TRUMP - Hillary Clinton is a LIAR and a CRIMINAL who broke the LAW, and she shall be in jail! You should educate yourself a little more about the CRIMINAL CLINTONS and their actions. I posted the latest movie Clinton Cash - watch it here, since it appears, your education lacks the one of a 2nd Grade child. ONLY uneducated IDIOT would vote for the CRIMINAL CLINTON! Lock her up in JAIL NOW!!! GO TRUMP!


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