Saturday, January 30, 2016

Campaign Rally at Clinton Middle School, IA Jan 30, 2016


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  4. There is too much corruption and deceit in a lot of businesses benefitting only a few from Globalization. Take for example GOOGLE. It is one of the most corrupt companies when it comes to what is good for America; they are all about what is good for GOOGLE. Take for example GOOGLE NEWS. They filter and place the most negative news about TRUMP in the front every day. You can check it yourself. It is probably impossible to take this country back and work for common people.

  5. This is very true Rak.

    Take another example as the legal guest worker program being bandied about. The old Bracero guest worker program seems ideal. However, it was not the USA the problem, but the Mexican government the problem for the legal guest worker.

    The Mexican government would tax the guest workers legal earning so high, the guest worker was better off being illegal. This is something Trump has to rectify if his legal guest worker program is in fact a benefit for the Mexican worker.

    As far as USA agriculture, American agriculture would be doomed without the Mexican worker. Americans would be paying $100 for a bag of apples if in fact there would be any.


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