Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ABC | Good Morning America - March 9, 2016


  1. Donald we're waiting for you in Miami.... Like to get a HAT....

  2. Donald
    Thanks for running and saving the US from all the special interests. When they refer to special, thats because they care only about themselves.

    Now I know the country won't be going over the financial cliff, we can all work at paying the Debt Down, instead of reckless spending.

    J in Az

  3. Hi Donald, we love you and your honesty and empathy for the middle class. Suggestion: So far you have won 12 states, so show the FLAGS of that state behind you for your rally's and press conferences. Remind the voters of all the states you have won so far. Candy Robbins from that will nominate you for President of the United States, South Carolina 2016.

  4. Secretive Mtg of Tech CEOs & Top Rep comminerate plot to Stop Trump in Georgia at Sea Island
    Read Rush Limbaugh article


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