Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fox & Friends - March 8, 2016


  1. About Rubio the Robot (or Marco the Marioneta) ("MARIONETA" means "PUPPET" in Spanish):

    --Supposedly he has a certain "boyish appeal" to some, but to me it's more like a child with progeria;

    --The "Rubes" wears those Cuban heels to appear taller, but hey, I hear that astronaut Scott Kelly gained two inches in height during his recent year in space. So maybe the space program would be a place for Marco after he loses the election. You know, he could lobby for a new Apollo program (actually it could be his special "A Pollo" program--pollo" in Spanish means a "chicken."

  2. CNN and MSNBC are rats. They perpetuate this idiotic Hitler thing because Donald was having fun at his rallies and having ppl pledge to vote for him.. Give me a break...Very dishonest and I find it fascinating that neither Rubio or Cruz can take on Trump by themselves. They have to have the help of the special interest and the super pacs and lobbyists.. Donald is the Man!!!!!

  3. The establishment is trying to make fools of Trump's supporters! Save America Vote Trump!


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