Friday, March 4, 2016

Fox News | Hannity - Post GOP Debate - March 3, 2016


  1. I believe Romney ran a Hedge Fund called Bain's Capital. Do you know that Hedge Fund managers get rich by fraud, deceit and deception? They cheat ordinary people with high fees regardless of whether their funds make any money for the people. I think they should all be in jail and not living good lives on the backs of ordinary people that do not have the know how to manage their own money. It is sick.

  2. We need to ask if you are American first or Latino first? We need to ask if you are American first or Muslim first? We need to ask why are you coming to this country: to become American or to turn America into a Latino country or a Muslim country. What are these people doing? If you cannot be for America first, get the hell out of here. You should be ashamed to live in this country.


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