Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Press Conference Aboard Trump Force One - March 29, 2016


  1. I love you Donald J. Trump. I have been a supporter of yours since you started in the presidential campaign. You are an honest man and I believe in you and a strong leader for this country. Please Wisconsin go out and vote for Mr. Donald Trump and if you are undecided go to Donald Trumps website and read his issues. He is the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton in November. Hillary is a fraud and will do anything to win! She has con her demorcate friends so they believe that she really cares about women issues but all she cares about herself. Hillary doesn't care about American people and if elected She will run this country to the ground. I hate her with passion and I have been doing my research on the Clintons and it has been very bad. Well for the black and women supporters of the demorcate party please do you homework on the Clintons. Hillary has been sleeping with the GOP Establishment for 30 years that is why they are afraid of Donald Trump. They get big money from lobbyist and buy candidates. This has to stop so wake up America voters and vote for Mr. Trump. Thanks

    1. You think Trump cares about women issues?? He likes to grab women by the pussy, you know? That's saying "f*** you" to women issues.

    2. Unknown - A potty mouth comment from over a decade ago does not make the man - that is just more Democrat and media Propaganda coming out of your mouth. Hillary will get all the women killed in this Country with her careless handling of top secret information. If some tragedy happens, we will never know for sure if it was a result of Hillary's insecure emails set up for her to line her own pockets. There are at least 5 unfriendly Countries that hacked her insecure emails. Are you willing to risk your life and the lives your loved ones having someone as careless and hateful as this woman in the White House where she will have access to even more secure information and will have more power.

      Donald Trump has a very successful tract record as a businessman and has proven to be a great leader. One great attribute he has that Obama or Hillary do not have is he loves this Country and its people and will work for all the people.

      He is a man that respects women and those that know him well have nothing but good to say about the man and the way he conducts business. Out of 30 executives that work for him, 18 are women and half of that 18 are minorities. That record speaks for itself. For the good of yourself and your loved ones, get your head out of the sand and Vote Trump/Pence - Make America Great and Safe Again.

      P.S. Sorry Robin - just had to jump in here and defend this great man - you and I are on the same page.

    3. Theresa, this is a troll, but I guess Tom let him post to show everyone how foolish and BLIND the followers of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton are...These are illiterate people, PERIOD:
      Check the TRUTH here-

  2. Saudia Arabian companies buying drought stricken land in CA and AZ
    to export water in the form of alfalfa. Wake up America. We are loosing our country
    Trump for 2016!


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