Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday State Results

Donald Trump won seven states: Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia and Georgia.
Ted Cruz won Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. 
Marco Rubio won Minnesota.

Delegates Leaderboard and full results:


  1. Great great night for Trump, next stop the white house because Trump will win!

  2. please find out why Ted Cruse won only the oil and gas states tells me big oil behind him and little Rubeo does he want our country cubin that's what they speak in MIMIAM

    1. Plus Rubio called Trump an old man and made some other comments about old people. Why didn't the media mention how Rubio was discriminating against older people. I wonder what the older people in Florida think about his comments. Older people vote too - especially in Florida. Have not heard the comments lately so someone must have told him not to make statements like that. Not too bright Marco!!!!!! Let's hope the joke is on you.

  3. Donald Trump - Please invest in much more advertising to counter the lies ... They are trying to get this to a brokered convention.

  4. There is an AMAZING CHART at : “This comparison says it all! @realDonaldTrump has done wonders for the growth of the Republican Party #Trump2016” ;

    More validation that while the establishment purportedly hates Cruz, he is still part of the establishment; only Donald Trump is beyond the establishment:


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