Sunday, July 31, 2016

ABC | This Week - July 31, 2016


  1. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I understand you are planning a rally in Jacksonville Florida on Wednesday August 3rd, 2016, but the location has not been decided.

    You should have it at Metropolitan Park if the weather will permit or the Veterans Coliseum across the street from Metropolitan Park if rain is expected. Both locations will give you a large enough venue to hold thousands and thousands of supporters and ample parking! I wish I could sit down and speak with you, but that decision is yours to make.

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  2. Mr trump I would like you to protect our social security and medicare why don't you ever talk about this if you want votes people want to hear

  3. Dear Mr.Trump,
    You must beg apology to mothers of fallen soldiers.
    No one ever won with 3 marriages.You will never win. only Reagan won with 2 marriages.
    You must present our future nude first lady in all your rallies nude. You will have house full.
    Today we saw again girl to girl photo of her. What is coming next?


    1. Dear Kader:

      You low life degenerate. . .you are obviously a Clinton supporter who would rather have a rapist former president and his espionage bleep of a wife in the Oval Office then a great man interested in helping the American worker! I do have to find it ironic that you would back a party at this point which has no real substance and has to use Hollywood to try and do a snow job over on voters instead of a party being reelected based on a successful 8 years that doesn't exist. You have nerve referring to Malania in the manner you did. . .when your team Mr. And Mrs. Hollywood can't make a movie hardly anymore without dogs humping or even worse degenerate actions!

      Malania was a professional model. . .who the hell do you think you are you judgemental piece of bleeeep!

      You must be pretty scared to be surfing Trump supporter websites trying to shove your inaccurate assessment down our throats!

      You know what I find interesting? Is that the fact that instead of you being pissed off about the lack of good paying jobs in this country. . .the state of the economy and or the incompetent or malfeasant leadership in Washington. You choose to bash Trump who you can not blame for anything negative going on in this country or overseas! Why aren't you pissed that Obama promised people they could keep their existing doctor and their premiums would be less, when it turned out to be the opposite? In addition why Obama didn't show real leadership by putting the brakes on his Affordable Care Act until it could be reviewed and changed to honor the promises he sold the American public on? When instead he chose to let the healthcare reform stand as is! His lack of attention to make it right was not the sign of a great business person. . .lawyer. . .legislator. . .commander and chief or person for that fact! What it depicts is a liar and coward. . .a man whose word means nothing!!!

      So go back to the rock you surfaced from, because you are not 1% of the great people Trump, his family or Malania are. . .you are obviously a miserable son of bleeeep!!! If you are not a Clinton supporter then I would have to say you are scummy Ted Cruz or one of his supporters who can't stand the fact that you got your ass kicked in the primaries!!!

      Calling it the way it truly is!

      Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  4. Trump has talked about it and will talk more about it in the future. The least of your concern is not Trump not talking about it, but voting for Hillary and Hillary destroying it.

    Hillary Hacked yet again!

    Plans secret outing with close Hags: Code Name - Double, double toil and trouble; Bernie Burn, and Caldron bubble!
    Rumored to take place October 31, 2016 during the witches moon. Come one come all sell you soul to the Devil and join Bernie in the boiling Caldron! Join Hillary and make Death Great Again!

  6. The funny thing is that the U.S justice is bought by corrupt Clinton foundation money. It's to late to be concerned about any consequences of the e-mail scandal, the FBI works for Obama & Clinton. We just have to accept the corrupt politics in America, and hope the good wins over the bad. Donald J Trump should only be focused on positive things and let people find out about the corrupt U.S politicians. Watch Hillary's America, the film that exposes the secrets of the democrat party ;)

  7. Hello everyone. I was born and rised in Argentina.My grandpa had 2 American-born brothers, so I have relatives there.One of them died in Vietnam war. I love your country and I go there twice a year or so. It s very expensive for me, but I work a lot and save as much as I can in order to afford my trips. I wonder if you like tourists...:p I ve always entered your country with my vised B2 passport I ve never broken a law. My American family and my Argentinian family want Mr. Trump to win and wish you guys tons of luck.Please be kind enough to excuse my English. I ll keep studying,Cheers from the edge of the world!!

    1. I understand completely on the open borders. My mother came and became a citizen the right way. Never broke any laws and worked all her life. I do not like the amnesty that obama and hillary want for these people social security numbers drivers license and while they r add it lets give them food stamps and medical. My daughter cant afford the obama care or food stamps. This is why i am fed up with this whole corrupt system and my mother never took a free hand out

  8. Silvie. Mr. Trump wants to build a wall to keep us safe. The wall would help keep the drugs, criminals, terrorists and illegals out of the Country. He is open to immigrants that want to come here legally like most immigrants have done for many years in the past. It takes a lot of work to become a citizen and in order to be fair to all people that come here, he feels they should all go through the same legal process as those that have come before them. I believe most of the Trump followers also agree with that. Yes - that also means we are open to those that come here legally on vacation like yourself.

    You sound like a very nice person and I am pleased you support Mr. Trump. If Mr. Trump and Gov Pence make it to the White House, together they will make America a better and safer place for you to vacation in the future. God Bless.

    P.S. Your English is great - no need to apologize - happy to hear from a good honest person like you.

    (A Trump Voter)

  9. Dear Laura,

    This 'so-called' PAID garbage "Kader" is one of the PAID CLINTON "supporters". They are NOW trying to infiltrate all websites and blogs affiliated with Trump just to make him look bad. This is NOT even a real person, trust me, just a FAKE NAME...Tom has to screen such people and just delete and ban their postings, since 99.99% of them are NOT real, and do NOT have good intentions here. I KNOW WE ALL protect Freedom of Speech, but to the REAL PEOPLE not the FAKERS coming with insults and to bash, especially in Trump's supporters sites, they could create their owns and bash...The campaign against Trump is vicious and would get worse - the mainstream media, asking some special interest groups and celebrities, etc. They even switched the polls now showing THE BITCH just took the lead again, which we ALL know is NOT true!!! WE HAVE TO STAND UNITED and fight for Trump because those vicious people won't stop...They are cruel and TRUMP haters as well! WE NEED to protect our Freedoms!


  10. Dear Milo:

    Well said! I read in one of your postings that you felt the need to move, because of the continued violence over in Europe!

    I was sad to hear of the continued threat over in Europe by the Refugees and or ISIS!

    All people deserve to live freely out of harms way from these maniacs! I believe France should allow there citizens the ability to protect themselves. It makes one realize how important our second amendment really is! I believe the reason the Ohio Republican Convention went off without any problems and very few protesters is because of Ohio's open gun carry law and the great job the police did outside the convention!

    Stay safe. . .Milo!

    Your friend,

    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  11. Dora well said, the only way you can become a U.S. citizen is the right way to apply and wait!

    Laura, we are putting an interesting website together , it is ONLY in working process on a work platform, but I am posting a link for everyone to see my take on Cuban's endorsement of Hillary - ENJOY the READING:

  12. Laura,
    Thanks for the nice words, I am safe, Thanks GOD! We need to avoid at all cost the "migrant invasion" in the U.S. It will be devastating! Europeans are in shock and looking for solutions. In a meantime, we shall do everything we could, to elect Trump. 'Hillary for Prison' is attracting "the special interest" more and more. I NAILED Mark Cuban pretty good in my latest report. Every intelligent person knows that BUFFET is crook as well. EVERYONE endorsing the "Crooked Hillary" is NO GOOD and has a secret agenda, period...
    Let's win this thing on November!


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