Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald Trump & Mike Pence thank RNC volunteers in Cleveland - July 22, 2016


  1. Excellent choice but you need to stop Fox from spreading lies about the D.Duke endorsement. They were scrolling it today on their station

  2. Mr trump I would like to know why you do not talk about medicare and social security for thee elderly if you did you probably would won your race

  3. Canada loves trump!

  4. We love Canada too

  5. What humble appreciation for everyone who made the RNC Convention possible, what gratitude for all his supporters. For anyone who thinks all Mr. Trump "spews" is hatred and lies (Facebook friends, I'm looking at you!), 15 minutes of this talk will give them a very different picture of this man, and they'll probably stick around to listen to the entire thing, and bookmark this page so they never miss another speech.

  6. Donald Trump has mentioned various times that many of the Government Agencies are tainted with Corruption, Mismanagement, and Abuse. This includes Medicare and Social Security programs. I will suggest we return to the past Social Security normal retirement age of 65 and an increase in retirement benefits. My whole life I paid social security taxes so everyone before me got their SS benefits at 65 so should I. It is my belief that the money recovered from Corruption, Mismanagement and Abuse in the SS Program alone will pay for these changes.

    May God continue to Bless Donald Trump and his Family

    1. Dear Anonymous:

      You are 100% correct about social security!

      The Washington vultures who want to continually raise the retirement age because they have never paid back their I.O.U.'s to the social security lock box for the loans of the past. . .are menaces to our society! Most people do not realize the reason behind the social security debacle. . .that it has everything to do with decades of fraud and abuse at the hands of both democrat and republican senators in addition to the White House.

      There is a documentary that was shown on PBS 15 to 20 years ago addressing the social security lock box full of I.O.U.'s that have never been paid back. The I.O.U.'s a result of numerous senate committees etc. that have borrowed money from the social security program to fund other projects and programs throughout the years. I call it misappropriation of funds!!!

      In addition to the fleecing of America!

      I think it is appalling to suggest that older americans should have to work additional years, because our corrupt politicians couldn't keep their hands out of the cookie jar so to speak and did not honor their obligations and promises to return the funds!

      When Trump gets into the White House and they are working on how to balance the budget. . . they need to make sure that those I.O.U.'s are paid back one by one!!!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  7. I forgot to mention one very important thing! The establishment will not be brought to justice by a long term government establishment agent who is OWNED by their Bosses. Only Donald J. Trump, an outsider and the people's champion, will make the crooked Government officials accountable and recover vast amounts of mismanaged, and stolen, assets to us, the people, for our benefit as it was intended to be all along. This is why the establishment fears him because they do not want the people to know how they ripped us off nor do they want to go to JAIL! Just look at Hillary as an example of how frighten they are to rig OUR GOVERNMENT right in front of our faces to keep her out of JAIL! I will vote for Donald J. Trump.

    May God continue to Bless Donald Trump and his Family.


    and it's only a limo ride from Trump Tower (or Trump One helicopter ride) and from Chappaqua (if Bill hasn't kicked her out for sleeping with Kaine) to the tony town of Hempstead, Long Island.

    Since Bernie Madoff (alumni) won't be able to use his tickets, maybe I can scarf up his ducets.

    Too bad Wright State in Ohio couldn't handle the $8 million expense...


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