Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fox News | On The Record - July 14, 2016


  1. Donald Trump Jr. talks to Hannity about the attack in France.

  2. You have to be gay to get ahead today, and if you're not born gay, change the way that you were made. Whack off your nuts and put a puss between your legs. While you're at it put one on your face. Get a bunch of tats and giant ear plugs. Get reconstructive surgery to make you look like pug. Just don't leave your self unexcessorized. America loves you when you lie and wants good folks to die. It's all up to you, now you can decide. Fall in with the fools that follow suggestion, or be your own man at your own discretion.

  3. #TrumpPence2016 event: Ivanka's V=Victory is dress well chosen ! we need a law & order team for (V)POTUS !


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