Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fox News | 'Trump on the Trail' - July 28, 2016


  1. Here's the full interview with Brian

  2. Millions of Canadians support Trump ! Get rid of the corruption in the U.S. Administration ! Vote for a true Leader ! Vote Trump !

  3. Ta Anonymous<
    Millions of Canadians don't support Trump and for logical reasons.

  4. Brian at FOX, Thank you for allowing DJT an opportunity to address the fictitious comments that were wrongly being attributed to him. I am boycotting CNN and MSNBC from this point forward. I am a former GOP'er and now consider myself an Independent as the GOP, over the recent past, has become a party, of the rich, by the rich for the rich. Paul Ryan couldn't get to the table quick enough to negotiate away sequestration. ALL repubs that let the recent omnibus budget get through should BE FIRED! GO TRUMP! Kick some A$$ on both sides of the aisle. America FIRST!


    Maybe Trump should have a nice 8.5x11" "SARCASM" Sign on the top of rally dais that he can hold up for those 50-75% idiot pundits (including MSNBC's Katie Turd) when he speaks about issues 'with sarcasm' --- something that many media simply don't want to and cannot understand.

  6. Have read all your issues and your answers to them. Not one of them explains exactly how you will get these done. Ideas don't get things done, actions do. I am an independent and have made no decisions yet. I need you to back up your ideas with what actions you will take. You also should release your tax info for complete transparency. Your reticence to do so, gives the impression you have something to hide. Your audit excuse doesn't hold water, I am in that boat and my tax info is still available. You must earn my vote.

    1. Dear Anonymous:

      I think you are completely misguided!

      Donald Trump has discussed renegotiating existing Trade Deals like NAFTA to change the disproportionate terms that have had a direct negative impact on this country. A negative impact resulting in huge numbers of american jobs lost. . .in huge number of companies who have decided to close up shop on US soil. . .and fire their US workers! To make matters worse they expect to rub salt in the wounds of their former employees by expecting to sell their products made in another country back into the US market. As Trump stated there will be a price to pay when US companies fire American workers then think they can sell their products in the United States without paying a tariff or a tax on each unit!

      He has discussed elements of his plan to turn the VA into an agency that takes care of our Veterans as it was originally designed to function. He has stated there will be a White House hotline established for valid complaints by Veterans who are not being taken care of appropriately . . .and the hotline will have a real person answering the phone not a computer.

      Trump has discussed the outrageous regulations hindering existing businesses and even farmers. . .that need to be removed to keep existing businesses doors open and that will give new entrepreneurs the ability to open businesses with a chance to succeed! He has discussed lowering taxes and repealing and replacing Obama Care with a much better system both changes will also help small businesses and the middle-class have a chance to succeed!

      All Trump's plans including, renegotiating trade deals. . . lowering taxes. . .dialing back all the regulations stifling numerous business industries across this country. . .is all elements to bring our jobs back, save our existing jobs and pertinent to the creation of new jobs in the future!!!

      As for ISIS he is not going to tell you his exact plans nor should he. Trump is right about former leaders in addition to Obama announcing to the enemies what they plan to do and when. . .then wondering why their plans are not a success!

      I don't know who you really are Mr. Independent, but I suspect you are truly a Clinton fan by the tone of your comments, because I've just named a multitude of Trump's plans that you act as if don't exist. I suspect you do not either listen or you do not do your homework, because it appears that you are quite misinformed and that usually happens when you are listening to one second news comments by a biased liberal media!!!

      So try paying a little more attention to Trump's press conferences etc. if you are truly interested in his platform! Educate yourself or stop talking about things you obviously are clueless about!

      Just food for thought!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  7. You are an "independent" [pardon, hidden Hillary's supporter:) lol], and you have NOT made your mind yet? Do not insult my intelligence! In what world are you living? In the world of the fantasy? Check Trump's official Presidential website - he is got clear positions on every issue written there, and he DOES NOT NEED TO EXPLAIN for dummies how things would get done, they simple get done by qualified business people, surrounded with the smart consultants around them. The choice is very easy to make here - click and watch the video for Hillary for Prison, that;s number one, second she lied under oath many times, she lied to the American public viciously! Liars do NOT become Presidents, they simple GO TO JAIL! Clinton will raise your taxes by 300%, she would keep open borders, print more money and triple our national debt, and will END our country for good - look at her disastrous record in foreign "policy" - the world fell apart because of her...IS THAT SIMPLE!!! YOU ARE SUCH A BLIND AND FOOLISH PERSON!

    The NEW FULL movie about the "Clintons" just came up- WATCH BELOW:


  8. Have you actually gone to his site? Me Trump has revealefd much of his plan for each issue. I do agree with him on revealing how he will address ISIS.I have always questioned why in the world we tell our enemies blow by blow what we are going to do...

  9. I'm a French Canadian from Québec and I adore Trump. Wish we could have a Trump here in Canada to be our Prime Minister.

    I pray for Trump to win, because, not only will he save the the U.S.,but he will save the whole wide world from the Globalist evil plan.

    It's TRUMP against the New World Order!

    Go Trump go! I'm sure he will win, I think God chose him to save humanity from extinction.

  10. Milo. Thank you for sending your suggestion to the Trump Team. It is good to alert them now so they can figure out a way to deal with the Dishonest Dems. I believe the Dems no longer have to vote more than once, or use dead people and dogs names to vote now that they will have a larger number of illegals and refugees voting. Trump will definitely speak up if Hillary gets 140 percent of the votes like Obama did last time in one precinct.

    I am sorry you are living in an unsafe place and I pray it will be better where you have moved. What is going on in Paris is really difficult to watch and I feel bad for all the people in all the Countries that have to deal with this terror. I pray that the people in our Country will learn from watching what is going on there and vote Trump so he will keep us safe. I believe Trump will also work together with other Countries to stop these cowards from attacking innocent people. Would be great to have the honest Trump Team in Washington working for all the people.

    Stay Safe,


  11. Courts deal setbacks to GOP voting restrictions in 3 states

  12. MY OPINION ON THE ELECTION PROCESS: I believe Hillary has been copying phrases and ideas from Trump that are popular for quite sometime now. They also copied many things from Trump's Convention that worked well and changed things after listening to the media and polling. They have no shame. She will say and do anything to get elected. She does not care about any of the little people (as she thinks of them) she speaks to. She just wants power and will never deliver what she is promising. Next time it could be you or your child that she leaves on a roof top with no help or she will put your family in danger in this Country by not properly screening for terrorists entering this Country. Please do not let what is happening in France and Germany happen here. Please do not vote for this woman that will continue to destroy our freedom. We need to wait for the right woman to be President and she will come along. That time is not now.

    Trump is a man of his word and will work hard to deliver what he promises for all the American people. He has picked a very honest and caring Vice President that will work beside him to help him fulfill those promises. We need to get out in large numbers to offset all the cheating that the Dems will do. I hope there are enough honest people left to outnumber the cheaters. Get your friends who still want a free America to get out and vote and make sure they are registered in the states that still require it.

    Vote Trump-Pence - Make America Great Again.


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