Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RNC 2016: Donald Trump is officially the Republican Party's nominee for President

Fox News
Cleveland – Donald Trump – the billionaire businessman who built a real estate empire, parlayed that success into a hit TV show and then shifted gears to become a convention-defying political sensation – closed the biggest deal of his life Tuesday in Cleveland, formally becoming the Republican nominee for president.

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  1. The Donald went back to NYC to smash computer his wife used to plagiarise her speech material with! LOLspousal.sabotage

  2. Word on twitter is that Eleanor Roosevelt first said those words that Moochelle used & which Melania supposedly also used. I say all women think & talk with the same/similar sentiments, so NO BIG DEAL.

    Did anybody hang Moochelle for copying Eleanor Roosevelt?

    And who knows if Melania can even type? She, like her hubbie, may not even use a computer/email, etc. Her main career was model, not secretary. Per the employee who later "confessed," Melania read the words to her OVER THE PHONE. So your computer-bashing idea may not be accurate. Maybe break a few pencils instead, lol.

    Probably, if anybody, it was Manafort who insisted they ignore all the fuss.

    More worrisome is an article I saw earlier in the week at The New Yorker re Melania's life (two researchers/reporters supposedly traveled to Slovania & dug into everything, spending something like $250,000 in the process) & they say that she never graduated college, as she claims, but only went one year to architectural school.

    Personally, I could care less whether she has a degree or not. But I don't like liars. If what those reporters say is true, why lie about such things? Just be real & be who you are, no embellishments. I've heard Trump say that he "hates liars." Agree, so please don't try to cover things up. Just be real!

    As of today I saw via twitter that CBS is now covering the same story re her college degree. So expect another round of Melania bashing in the media.

  3. The New Yorker also has a new & really BAD article re Trump. It's pretty bad because it is by the ghostwriter of his first book, The Art of the Deal. The guy's name is Schwartz, I believe it was (sp?).
    --Supposedly Trump hated being asked questions, so never would answer any.
    --Supposedly he had nothing to say about his upbringing nor family life when young (maybe his household was abusive?; hard-core German father, etc. is all I could think as to why he would have nothing to say about it. Maybe he's ashamed so paints a rosey picture instead. In one of the articles where the media interviewed Trump's neighbors & school & military school fellow students, one of them from the neighborhood where they all grew up said that Trump's father was super duper tough).
    --Supposedly Trump has an extremely short attention span (maybe he had/has ADD, is what I was thinking, or ADHD if he also cannot sit still very long & was very rambunctious as a kid).
    --Supposedly Trump didn't write any of the book; that guy Schwartz did it all & purposely made Trump out to be more than he really was/is & made him "look better" than he really was/is.
    --Supposedly Trump only cares about $$ & material things, which made the ghostwriter feel "dirty" just to be around him, etc. (I've read Trump say it was never the money but "playing the game" that he liked.)
    --Supposedly Schwartz, who says he spent 18 months w/Trump every day in order to write the book, says Trump is not a reader & he never saw one book anywhere, not on his desk, not in their home, etc. (Roger Stone has said in interviews that I've heard that Trump has read a lot of books.)
    --Supposedly Trump acts like a "thug" in his "wheeling & dealing."
    --Supposedly, since Trump wouldn't answer any questions on which the guy could weave a book out of it, instead they agreed that Schwartz would just listen in on the phone on all Trump's calls, to which Trump agreed. Ghostwriter says all those people who he listened to had no idea he was on the other line listening.
    --Supposedly, when Trump got wind that Schwartz was finally "telling all," called Schwartz & said, "You've been very disloyal to me. I helped you when you had nothing." Schwartz said, True, but the "Stakes are much higher now; you're running for President." Trump said, True, the stakes are higher, & hung up on the guy.
    --Supposedly, instead of running ads to sell his first book, Trump held a humongous party of 900 people which cost a fortune. Afterward he tried to make the Schwartz guy pay for half of it. LOL. Schwartz says he was able to get Trump to whittle down what Schwartz would pay to just a few thousand dollars (vs. tens of thousands).
    --Supposedly this Schwartz guy has felt terrible all these years having helped create a persona that doesn't really exist. He also says he thinks Trump actually began believing the "fake persona" that the ghostwriter wrote about.
    --Ghostwriter says he trembles at the thought of Trump having the country's "nuclear codes" as he could wipe out all life on earth.
    --Ghostwriter said he "helped put lipstick on a pig." Yep, he said that.

    I haven't seen any mention of that article in Twitter feeds, but if other MSM pick it up, it will get more widespread attention, negative attention I'm sure. The comments at The New York were merciless; same as they always are at NYT, etc.

    1. Dear Anonymous / Coward:

      I think you and the ghost writer are full of shit!

      You know why? Because for one thing. . .you are too much of a coward to reference your own name to your Trump bashing diatribe and most importantly you really believe people are ignorant enough to believe Trump is some kind of fraud! You must be blind because one doesn't end up with their name at the top of buildings worldwide if they are a fraud!!! As for the ghost writer he obviously has to make a living writing for others who have accomplished a great deal, because the he has very little worthwhile to say or anyone would even care to learn! You are both a joke!!!

      No matter what you say actions and accomplishments speak volumes! Trust me when I say in order for Trump to accomplish all his construction projects including buildings and resorts . . .requires one to possess hard hitting negotiating skills!

      Whoever you are. . .your just jealous, because you probably couldn't complete a re-roof project on your home much less know where to begin with the intricate dealings necessary to build a skyscraper!

      Please go back to the rock you crawled out from under. . .you nor the ghost writer have any credibility!!!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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