Monday, July 25, 2016

Donald Trump & Mike Pence Town Hall in Roanoke, VA - July 25, 2016


  1. Dear Mr. Trump:

    Think and discuss. . .the lack of higher quality paying jobs, how you are going to bring back our jobs and what needs to be done to create new jobs!

    I would also discuss bringing back Trade Schools to keep troubled youth in school and off the streets.

    Trade Schools will instill pride in the students while they learn a trade that will expand their job opportunities once they graduate from high school.

    The importance of trade schools and jobs for inner city youth has a direct correlation to the health and well being of communities across this nation in addition to the ability to decrease the crime rate. As I keep saying "idle hands are the devil's workshop"! Actually that saying would be a great theme for bringing back trade schools big league as you would put it!

    You need to tone down the rhetoric and focus on substantive comments! I have no doubt what you are able and will accomplish when you win the election, but there are many who are skeptical. Utilizing adjectives (such as disastrous) to describe horrific or important issues is not enough! I know you don't want to give all your ideas or strategies away so your opponents can utilize them in their campaign, but what good are all your ideas and strategies to solve this countries problems if you don't get elected???

    You need to win over a lot of independent and democratic voters so stop playing your hand so close to the vest! Start talking about innovative ways to "Make America Great Again"!!! Maybe you can copyright the ideas to prevent them from being utilized by your opponent.

    You know I think highly of you and Pence, but you need not yell so much to get the point across and Pence needs to stop saying things like "My Fellow Americans" (it sounds too scripted, not sincere and what can I say not down to earth (too much like an established politician who can not be trust)! I have no doubt Mike Pence is a wonderful. . .down to earth guy that is why he needs to be himself and not like the politicians the public doesn't trust!

    Everything I have stated comes from my heart with love. . I want you and Pence to win this election! The American people need you guy's.

    Just food for thought!

    Sincerely - your friend,

    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  2. Laura. You are so right about the trade schools. One of the other 16 candidates running against Mr. Trump would quite often mention trade schools and I always thought it was a good point. The trade schools also allow people to learn a trade or skill without going too deep in dept. When more jobs are created, we will need people from all walks of life to fill the positions.



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