Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post Debate Interviews - Sep 26, 2016

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  1. I think Trump MISSED a golden opportunity when the moderator asked about cyber attacks and the stealing of national secrets.

    Man, it was there! Begging for Donald to swing away and respond, "I agree. We must be strong and vigilant against cyberattacks from both state and non-state actors. We must not be cavalier in our defences. We must not be extremely careless with state secrets and classified information. The president must absolutely make sure no senior members of his administration, especially the Secretary of State, uses a private email server. If we are to legally destroy government digital records and emails use we must Bleachbit and other strong erasing software."

  2. I am African American.
    Fled Chicago's Crime Ridden City.
    Unable to secure employment or basic resources due to the mass migration of refugees. The Refugee resettlement program has been given priority status over U.S. American born citizens for services.
    Unable to find decent employment due to not having a state budget passed. I Relocated to the state of Texas.
    If you really want to know how to solve the Illegal Immigration, Massive Refugee Migration scandal Start at the Social Security Administration Department. Visit any local office and discover the scams taking place and The experience will leave you speechless I discovered so many different countries in one office. A haven a refuge, a sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants and refugees. Congress has failed to fix this Massive problem. The Social Security Administration has allowed the problem to become unmanageable. Also I am blown away at how the social security office is ran by people who are not qualified to direct traffic at a
    preschool, please no disrespect. Politics has gotten a stranglehold on African American communities across this nation. We have been bought and sold into believing Republicans are the enemy. I am a proud Republican convert! Illegals have figured out how to scam the system. Donald J Trump you are right to say, "other countries are eating out lunch" they have figured out a way to scam the system.
    I support Donald J. Trump for President. Please overhaul this government body with the help of congress. You will save this country billions! The medicare/Medicaid fraud is massive waste that could fund our urban areas.

    The silent majority has spoken!
    Trump for President

    The silent majority has spoken!

    Thanks Mr. Trump

  3. Thee only thing you have to do Mr trump is not go to any more debates. We thee people see what thee media is doing they should go to hell. And rot.


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