Sunday, September 11, 2016

Raw Video: Trump attends 9/11 Memorial


  1. Unfortunately, CLinton once again took all the air from the mourning survivors and families of 9/11 victims. She froze up like a corpse before being carried into her SUV. Something REALLY CREEPY is going on!!

  2. Hillary's corrupted strategy ... So now we know what Hillary's background plan really is --- a way to bypass Presidential term limits! Whenever she's not feeling well, she's got Bill to step in on meetings and trips.

    Hey, Tim Kaine --- as VP, you'll still be attending funerals!

  3. From Trump:


    I wanted to make sure that you’ve seen the latest poll numbers.

    They are OUTSTANDING – and I’ve included some of the key details below.

    Now we’re counting on supporters like you to get involved with the campaign and help keep our momentum going.

    According to recent polls our campaign is:

    ✓ Leading Crooked Hillary nationally by two percentage points.

    ✓ Trouncing Crooked Hillary among independent voters, by a stunning 20-point margin.

    ✓ Winning in the crucial states of Iowa, New Hampshire and Ohio..

    ✓ Surging in the swing state of Virginia, closing a double digit gap to within the margin of error in just two short weeks.

    ✓ In a dead heat in the traditionally Democratic-voting states of Maine, Michigan and Wisconsin.

    ✓ More trusted by voters on the most important issues of the day, including the economy and terrorism.

    ✓ Considered more honest and trustworthy than Crooked Hillary by a HUGE margin.

    These polls are devastating news for the Clinton campaign. Every attempt she has made to dishonestly attack me and my campaign has backfired.

    Best wishes,

    Donald J. Trump"

  4. Unclear why she decided to visit her daughter and grandchildren despite later saying she has pneumonia which can be contagious. After collapse she went to daughter Chelsea apt and played with her two grandchildren and visited her daughter.


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