Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Kenansville, NC - Sep 20, 2016


  1. The reasons why I am voting for Trump - shown in the order in which things need to be fixed in this country:
    The No. 1 Issue. Our rigged economic and political systems - Issues 2-6 have remained unsolved for decades because the special interests who control our rigged system proactively stop any solution from being adopted. Only DJT can fix this.
    Issue 2. The flagging economy - caused by both Automation and Globalization. Prosperity can be more widely spread if we negotiate good deals both within and outside this country. DJT will bring good negotiators into our government.
    Issue 3. Unfettered immigration - bringing in 1 million immigrants a year is transforming this nation into a third world country. Everything from birth right citizenship to safe zones for warn torn countries must be examined.
    Issue 4. Minorities - we need to provide a hand up to minority communities. Wasted and underutilized human resources are one of the primary reasons/sources for crime in many of our cities.
    Issue 5. Health care - costs need to brought down and basic services made available to every citizen. There is enough money in the system, it just needs managed better.
    Issue 6. Debt overhang - we need to write down the debts - both credit card and college loans - held by ordinary citizens. This will also help the economy (Issue 2).

    The elimination of waste fraud and abuse will cut across many of the above issues. That and bringing competent people into our government who can deliver on the public agenda will surely make our country great again. Cannot wait for Trump to arrive in our Capital.

    1. Dear Anonymous:

      I agree with several of your remarks. I would like to add that credit card interest rates are out of control and have had a negative impact on the disposable income of the consumer which has had a negative impact on the economy.

      Let's say a consumer is being charged 24.9% on purchases. . .at least 10% higher then the original rate when the credit card was received. For every $100.00 dollars that has been overpaid monthly in high interest rate charges is a $100.00 dollars that the consumer might have used in the economy or in paying off the debt. I believe there needs to be a cap on interest rates to protect consumers. . .if not. . .it seems like a violation of Usury Laws to me!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  2. Notable sound bites and takeaways from this speech:

    Hillary Clinton is the last line of defense for a failed political establishment and she does not have you at heart. The Clinton campaign exists for one reason, and that is to continue rigging the system. We will break up the industrial-media complex. That is why I am running - I will be your greatest voice ever.

    They go to the same restaurants, they go to the same conferences, they have the same friends and connections, they write checks to the same think tanks, and produce exactly the same reports. Its a gravy train and it just keeps on flowing. On Nov 8 that special interest gravy train is coming to a very abrupt end.

    The insiders in Washington and Wall Street look down at the hard working people like you, like so many people in this state, like so many people in this county. But you are the backbone, your are the heart and soul of the nation. Don't ever forget it folks.

  3. Asking Somalis who live in Minnesota about Sharia Law - about 4 or 5 minutes, but very educational.

    VIDEO: Sharia in the Twin Cities?


  4. People need to know that Hillary is a slimy lawyer, as is her lying mentor husband. Her life is full of nothing but deceit, corruption, lying and...murder - ask Vince Foster, he'll confirm. People need to know that Hillary Clinton pridefully defended a child rapist years ago in Arkansas...voters who where not even born should be told of her sordid history...especially the Millennials. The woman is evil!

  5. To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been following Trump's press conferences and some of his rallies. I can honestly say his switch over to teleprompters in addition to a more business like and presidential tone. . .I believe has been the reason for his rise in the polls. The reason teleprompters has not hurt Trump in my opinion is because the topics he has been speaking about are the same as prior to teleprompters. . .just more effectively described in a comprehensive plan.

    Having said that I have been noticing more and more Hillary's theft of Trump's wording and positions. I wish Mr. Trump would utilize a little different approach when calling her out!

    Think of it from the approach that her theft is really a imitation of Trump's great positions which should be considered flattery. So how can she say and advertise he is so unqualified if she is constantly repeating his words such as extreme vetting etc.!

    So when Trump addresses the issue in the future maybe the topic could be presented in a more humble low key way of "they say the greatest form of flattery is when someone imitates or takes a position you first took. . .has anyone noticed lately our campaign positions are being agreed with by our opponent" (not the exact wording but along those lines)!

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    1. Laura - you are so correct. I think Hillary has been copying Trump for some time now. The other day, she was even talking about tough vetting. That did happen to be after a terrorist attack in our Country. She watches what works for him, more than likely still has to poll it and then copies it. She has even picked up using his thumbs up at times. She has no shame. I believe she is a thief and a liar and does nothing but lead from behind.

      Plus Obama has been scrambling to do many of the things that Trump says should have been done. I believe this is only so he can say he did them when he hits the campaign trail. He does not care about the Country. He only wants to keep his destructive policies in place and get Hillary re-elected so she can continue the destruction. I still want to know who is paying for both the Obamas to campaign.

      Trump is a candidate that has to fight the whole dirty system and is still making his way to the top. I have never seen anything like what is being thrown at him and he has been brave enough to stand tall and keep going. God Bless him and his team.



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