Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Melbourne, FL - Sep 27, 2016


  1. Trump, you are already being cheated. Check out this website from your debate. http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/first-presidential-debate-hillary-clinton-sick/

  2. http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/first-presidential-debate-hillary-clinton-sick/

  3. I want to spread the word so bad, but as Trump says people are fooled by the media owned by the wicked woman. Imagine if Clinton won and Obama became Secretary General of the UN. Our hopes will be ruined forever. The only thing we all can do is cast our vote for trump.

  4. "Truth is marching on". Trump 2016!

    1. Went to local grocery store in Atlanta today wearing my Trump hat, I was prepared for feedback but not for what I got. When I got to the cash register the clerk (a young black woman) looked and then shouted "TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT". Then she asked to see my hat and took it from my head and waved it around and started the "TRUMP,TRUMP, TRUMP"chant.


  6. Mr Trump: Next Debate speak directly to American people tell them your 10 key plans and don't get dragged into the mud with Hillary which is what she wants because she has no real plans.

  7. Mr. Trump : Next Debate Make a Pledge with the American people of the top 10 Priorities to make America Great Again !:
    1) Keep America Safe by Securing our borders, fixing our broken immigration system and defeating Radical Islamist Terrorism
    2) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs through Tax Reform, Reducing Regulations,Revisiting Trade Policies, Family & Eldercare Friendly Policies
    3)Restoring our Military Strength and taking care of our Veterans
    4)Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare, Protecting Social Security and Medicare
    5)Nominating Constitutional Supreme Court Justices and Protecting our Bill of Rights including our Second Amendment
    6)Restoring Law and Order,Respect for our Law Enforcement Officers and Establishing a Presidential Task Force to Ensure the Maximum Possible Safety for all Americans in their interaction with Law Enforcement Officers.
    7)Establish a 21st Century Civil Rights Agenda to ensure we unite our country and provide safe neighborhoods, and equal opportunity for all American Citizens.
    8)Education Policies: Replace Federal Common Core by ensuring local control of Education and School Choice and Providing College Cost Reducing Tax and Job Opportunity Policies
    9)Make America Energy Independent
    10) Last but not Least: Restoring Americans Trust in their Government by Telling the Truth to the American People and eliminating the Corruption and Dishonesty which infects our current government.

    1. Dear Anonymous:

      Excellent suggestions!

      I hope Trump or his team reviews this website for input.


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson


  8. Good negotiators are not necessarily good debaters. How else would you explain Obama who is a gifted public speaker but could not for the life of him work the room with the opposition in it. If debating skills was the basis for selecting a president people would have voted for Ted Cruz who is a far better debater than Hillary. No, what this country needs is a good negotiator not a debate champion.

    1. You are so right. I am also happy to see that many in America are not falling for the same old lines that have worked in the past. We need more to see the light and Trump will win the election.

  9. Clinton atacks trickle down tax policy. It didnt work before because the trade agreements weren't conducive to letting it work. If you make it cheaper for company's to grow but also alow them to make more by shopping jobs out of country what company wouldnt take advantage.trump has the right idea you get jobs back by doing both, they only work together. Only lower taxes and companies stay out of country and make more money. If you only change trade to tax imports jobs will stay out of country because even though paying americans is now unobtainable through makeing it more expensive to ship jobs out of country but companies still have to build more factories over here and that costs money. For a country like America you have to ensure jobs come back while not forcing companies to loose money in the process.this takes both tax breaks for companies and trade reform. One or the other alone has no success of working it takes both. Trump has also been acused of being racist for suggesting stop and frisk. In the debate on monday he suggested stop and frisk may be an option in chicago. Clinton said stop and fisk was equivilent to racial profiling.acording to wikipedia Chicago's ethnic makeup is only 32% white-nonhispanic, chatham chicago is only 1% white
    If everyone in chicago was stopped and frisked sure there would be more "minorities" stopped but thats not because of racial profileing its because whites are the real minority in chicago.

  10. Mr.Trump: So Hillary claims that you do not pay any Federal Income Taxes. Even if that’s true:
    a)it’s her colleagues and cronies [Congress] that wrote the laws that allow that to be the case. As a good businessman your job is to hire accountants who will minimize [legally] the taxes that you owe. Zero is always a good number.

    b) I suspect that domestically you pay out large amounts of other taxes such as:
    - Property Taxes
    - Corporate Taxes
    - Excise and Sales Taxes
    - Workers Compensation Taxes
    - Empoyer Share of Payroll Taxes
    - Unemployment Taxes
    - Import Taxes
    - Fuel Taxes
    - Various State and local Taxes
    - Sales Taxes
    - Licenses, Coporate, Permits, Occupancy Taxes
    C. Undoubtedly a similar list could be put together for your international dealings

    A summary slide of a few those amounts might be enlightening

    Good luck, and God Bless; My wife and I will be voting for you. come Nov 8th.

    1. Very good points. I am far from any expert, but I think there are a lot of income tax breaks for those in the real estate business. I believe he gets hit with the most taxes when he sells the properties so if it is a year where he does not sell a property, low taxes.

  11. The government gives two choices; either you spend it or the government spends it. It is your choice. You do not have the choice to keep it and thus must pay taxes.

    It is perfectly legal for all taxpayers to do tax-planning and is encouraged by the government and its tax-laws.

    When you "spend it", you are using what would be tax dollars to invest in building, developing, manufacturing and producing something of value which requires putting people to work and they pay taxes as a result. For every dollar you invest creates utility many times the taxes to the government than if you had not. Even though you personally did not pay taxes, you created more taxes collected by what your investment created because of your decision for "spending it" instead of the government "spending it".

    When someone says someone didn't pay any taxes legally, then I congratulate them for creating jobs, services, production, value which the government ends-up with far greater the amount of revenue going to government in the form of taxes. It is called incentive for you to put your money to work which creates jobs and benefits for others.

  12. BUSTED: What Was Hillary Hiding Behind Her Podium?!


    1. The Clintons, the cheaters! There's a lot of info about the corrupt couple, and the latest podium debate swindle. Clinton's Corrupt, crooked Podium Gate. https://youtu.be/girGJ-IOiHw It's a joke that Americans is even watching this election, It's a totalitarian elite republic. To even consider Hillary for potus is insane. I hope Donald will get the nomination, but as the elite class is ruling It's going to be difficult. Make America Great Again! Trump 2016 is the only right choice!

  13. I submitted the above comment relative to taxes [12:58pm]
    I submitted it as Anonymous because - as many people in my age bracket [late seventies] -I do not have a URL [Uniform Resourse Locaror] and your site does not accept a name without a URL. I do have an E-mail address; but that is not a URL

    Best regards Bill W.

    1. You can leave out the URL.

    2. Under what profile?
      I tried Name/URL site required a URL

  14. Fill in name, leave URL blank. Should work. Comments are moderated, they don't show immediately.

  15. Mr. Trump. I am guessing that Chelsea will attend all the debates and sit in the front row. She more than likely has witnessed her parents fighting on more than one occasion and her Mom throwing tantrums so I am guessing she can handle what you have to say. I doubt there is anything you can say about Bill that she has not already heard. You were being very kind to her the other night by not bringing up her Dad and that shows what a caring person you are. She may appear to be a nice woman, but she sits on the board at the Clinton Foundation and must know what is going on there. Plus the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to gun control.

    My opinion - Ivanka is a very nice woman - Chelsea is a Clinton.


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