Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Council Bluffs, IA - Sep 28, 2016


  1. Dear DJT, Will you, or America's Mayor, please give an hour or two history lesson on the Clintons? Young voters, who don't know the Clinton's past, need to be told and the media never tells much and certainly doesn't tell the whole story . Please include EVERYTHING. The media and HRC certainly don't hold anything back on you!

    Also, Thank You for talking about the about this years 3000 plus shootings and 500 plus murders in Chicago. Please ask CNN and all of the other BIASED media when they are going to do a Special Report on Chicago.

    BTW, Kellyanne Conway is the best.

  2. bring up the fact bill clinton her husband abolished the glass steagull act which directly led to the world economy tanking.Also why did the clintons have to redo 4 years of taxes with the clinton foundation a couple of years ago looks shady to me.Hillary for prison. If trump wins I want to hear him say Hillary your fired!


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