Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Donald Trump Speaks in Philadelphia, PA - Sep 7, 2016


  1. Great, great speech. We need Donald Trump to turn clinton-like corruption on his head. We need Donald Trump to return this nation to greatness, including the values on which this nation was founded.

  2. Trump is pointing out some real problems with our career politician leaders. You could say Obama's biggest character flaw is/was his inability to work a room - with his opposition. Notice how Trump got a state visit with Mexico - his arch enemy. Real leaders figure out the most expedient way to get what their country needs - sometimes you have to eliminate the enemy (ISIS), sometimes you have to engage with them, and many a time you have to win them over to your side or meet them half way. That is how "you get it done".

  3. Clinton says Trump should not talk about the Federal Reserve because words mean something and people have their retirements at stake. What she is really saying is Presidents should not tell the truth about the Fed manipulation and lie about it being an artificial market for political reasons.

    What Clinton is also saying, People are dumb and if you tell them a lie they will believe you. Trump is warning people of an inevitability whereas Clinton is lying about it and would rather people have no advance warning or helpful information so they can protect themselves. She is also conveniently attempting to have Trump to blame. She is an evil woman to the core.

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