Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Donald Trump Speaks in Aston, PA - Sep 13, 2016


  1. Folks, here is THE REAL DEAL "by the numbers" as to WHY Hillary Clinton fainted so bad, with nice links to former Huff Post writer-contributor, who has been taken OFF the air:


  2. Excellent Job!! Keep laying out the great plans and leave the negative campaigns with the Dems. The American people need to know everything about the future. Schools, Taxes, Infrastructure, foreign policy, Military, Veterans, Family values, Jobs. You might want to start dealing with segregation to football players taking a knee for oppression. Under your presidency you will eliminate oppression through good jobs, teamwork, family values and putting America first above all racial tension. Race is last and America is first.

  3. I believe you, put it in writing and seal the deal for the rest of America. Give it to us in writing.

  4. Great Family values. Thank you. I hope they come true.

  5. I am so proud to be an American citizen, and to support
    Donald J. Trump for president.
    I have seen how this candidate has evolved into a savvy, polished diplomat,
    with very concrete solutions to the problems we now face in our great nation.
    God bless Mr. Donald J. Trump and the Trump Train all the way to the
    Oval Office.

    1. Jackie - you are right on with what you say here. It will also be a blessing to this Country to have someone in office that cares about the Country, will do the right thing for the people and along with being intelligent has a lot of common sense. Plus we get two more bonuses - a great VP choice with Gov Pence and they will tell us the truth. Keep praying for Trump/Pence and their entire team.


    2. Agree~ I was there and had fun. I pray for Trump/Pence and their families. I also agree for the last eight years we have been oppressed. As stated before, America and God first!

    3. And I want to thank Donald Trump. He doesn't have to do this. I am honored to call him Mr. President.


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