Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump talks to Rush Limbaugh - Oct 25, 2016


  1. Mr. Trump - you are absolutely right in defending yourself against the lies and slander aimed deliberately at you. It is a gut instinct God built into us to defend ourselves. In a court of law if you do not object, or if you do not deny certain allegations for the record, they are deemed "admitted". Then there is no turning back to win your case on that given point. In wars we defend ourselves - this is a war of evil lying words and that defense is always the truth.
    I had two recent dreams from God regarding the polls: one I saw multiple polls in the ground next to each other - they were covered with frogs - which are a type of "fraud" reporting of polls, and one I had last week was I saw a white thermostat affixed to a wall. The red gauge reflecting the temperature went way up with a large red circle on the top, but then I saw a piece of white plastic added and fixed over the top portion to get the temperature to read as if it was a much lower temperature than it really was. The interpretation is clear - the thermostat is a type of the actual polls - red for republican - the added plastic portion (plastic meaning phony) was covering the actual read out. November 8th will confirm this. How can anyone trust the corrupt media to tell the truth about anything? Kaine has 30 people and you 10,000? Even the good poll you cite I do not believe is reflecting the whole truth. You should not rely on these polls - their aim is to discourage you and us. This morning I had a dream where I saw a depiction of a church building colored in purple given to a man. I believe this means the "church" (Christians) are going to deliver the purple states to you. I have had multiple other positive dreams in the last year and a half showing you winning this election. One recent one was I saw you sitting at a desk smiling with a gold name plate on it saying "President Elect" (electoral college points) !! Anyone can congratulate you after they see the results - I see these results by faith now and say Congratulations Mr. President!! P.S. Newt did great against biased Megan Kelly in your defense!

    1. Megyn Kelly should be ashamed of herself - so bias. I sure hope your dreams come true. Pray for Trump/Pence, their team and families. VOTE TRUMP/PENCE.

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