Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fox News | Hannity - Oct 21, 2016


  1. Lucie says: surprised there is no add showing HC's very descriptive face of a non-commander-in-chief, fearfully, apprehensively hidden behind her hand during seal operation on bin laden on 5.2.11 at WH. See news then.

  2. Lucie says: HC's Foundation issue resolved in few days (before election) by immediately sending checks to major, reputable, no-political or religious national wide organizations dealing with health and children, using the whole current balance of the Foundation, including staff salaries. That will demonstrate the non-profitable intention... Tell the DT campaign for an add.

  3. Lucie says: Why should we taxpayers pay for the huge cost of President BO's campaigns for HC? Her campaign shall pay all his and his entourage expenses/costs, to the cent!!! Not me and other opponent voters!! Absolutely unfair and maybe illegal because such activities are not Presidential scope of work...


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