Thursday, October 20, 2016

NBC4 | Delaware, OH - Oct 20, 2016


  1. Why has no one picked up on Hillary revealing the 4 minute time lapse when the button is pushed? Is that not a national secret leak and a total breach of her oath she gave when she was secretary of the United States.

  2. Another hit job "journalist". They are relentless in their attacks on Trump. I do not know of another stronger person than this man who just keeps being bashed over the head continuously while his opponent is petted and stroked and her many crimes concealed. Who would you want to lead the country during these perilous times?

  3. Mr. Trump needs to bring up the news about the National guard having to pay back their bonus. The IRS has already add interest and put liens against any property they have and have had their wages garnished. The Irs needs to do the same thing to Hillary for loosing 6 billion dollars. Mr. Trump needs to repeat this at every rally. The people need to hear it.
    Virginia Perry


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