Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New TV Ad: Corruption


  1. Please listen to Betsy McCaughey, and spread this on social media:

    Trump Goes To War With The GOP -

    Transcript [edited]
    Many of the professional politicians - the Washington insiders - scampered like rats at the problem over the lewd language, but if you look at the polls not the horse race polls but the polls about what voters care about, the top priority for women and men alike is the economy - What's in your wallet?, and the number two priority is effectively fighting terrorism with a strong military and with effective diplomacy, but instead Hillary Clinton is turning this into a contest over political correctness, she's really running to be top cop in the speech police, and I don't think most Americans are half as concerned about body language as they are about their take-home pay and their safety. So I'm not very concerned about this, I think these professional politicians have made a big mistake, they don't understand what voters want, that's why the Republican party has been behind, and I would say to voters right now I would say, ask yourself this question What's in your wallet?, because if you are a couple earning $60-70,000 a year and have a couple of little kids, you won't pay any federal income taxes at all under Donald Trump's plan.

    Most of those Republican insiders will come back into the fold when they see him winning, you know what, politicians say one thing out of one side of their mouth and the next day they say the next, the fact is crude language, what you heard on that bus is unappealing as it was, is disqualifying to be president, but hypocrisy is. Anderson Cooper must not have listened to the whole tape because the next three words on that tape by Donald Trump were "they let me do it, they let me", that means it's not involuntary.

    I was citing the Gallup polls about voters priority. The fact is that over the last 4 days American have seen shocking confirmation that Hillary Clinton's biggest problem aside from dishonesty is hypocrisy. She says behind closed doors she is for open borders and open trade, and then she tells voters she will secure the borders, and oppose those unfair trade deals, and she said the same thing to the investment bankers, behind closed doors she winks, winks, and says you'll get to regulate yourself, and then she goes out on the hustings, and bashes Bernie Sanders, and bashes the banking industry and says she's the one who's the populist - I'm sorry you cannot believe anything that Hillary Clinton says.

    When Paul Ryan says he won't campaign for Donald Trump it's not weird, because Donald Trump, unlike other presidential candidates, is running against the establishment, he's an outsider. Paul Ryan like many other politicians is the ultimate insider what did you expect?

    You're getting to the important point - the Democratic party has done nothing for the working Man over the last 8 years, the economy is sputtering along at 1.2%, they're running for a third term and they've already failed, underscoring exactly what I said earlier - the sensible voters are asking themselves "What's in my wallet?"

    Americans are sick and tired of political correctness and Hillary Clinton's speech shaming, they're tired of being called "deplorable's and rednecks and bigots", [and if you ask about what Donald Trump said in private that was despicable but] this election should not be a referendum on political correctness. Americans want to earn a living and they want a safe country.

  2. Excellent...just keep focusing on Crooked Hillary's corruption and incompetence. This needs to be the primary goal until Nov. 8th.

  3. We need to keep focusing on spreading the word for the latest emails pointing out to Clinton's policy of "open borders, promoting TTP, allowing thousands of refugees with NO paperwork, selling the US interest for money, etc." I would not go far with the issues concerning Bill Clinton (he is not the candidate)...
    We cover Trump pretty good and try to get the truth out -


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