Thursday, October 6, 2016

News 3 Las Vegas - Oct 5, 2016

"Just before Trump took the stage (in Henderson), he spoke with News 3's Jim Snyder, spending a few minutes on local and national topics that impact voters selecting their next President of the United States."


  1. Mr. Trump''

    There might be a problem with the 73 governmental filing;
    Hotel;; not fixed housing complex.. nor 's.R.O' for which claims of discrimination over the 'applied' purpose' meant to 'temporary lodging; ' claimed as discriminated'against; as housing. ppm

  2. Dear DJT, Please continue to emphasize to the minority voters that they have been let down by the current admin. and how you and Mike Pence will help them. CNN and the other media don't carry that message for you. Please go to more minority events/churches. Also America really likes Mike Pence and the more that you two are together on the stage the better. I'd even like to see Mike finishing your sentences and both of you having fun. America can relate to two guys who enjoy each others company and work/laugh together. Especially when you consider that alternative (HRC and MK).


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