Monday, October 10, 2016

Campaign Rally in Ambridge, PA - Oct 10, 2016

RSBN: Trump supporters in Ambridge, PA.


  1. When liberals do it, it is okay. When conservatives do it, the world is about to end. That is the overwhelming theme this election season.

    I remember hearing Chris Matthews, not realizing his microphone was on, discuss Melania entering the room with Donald Trump… and his comments were not exactly flattering.

    Just watch the video below and listen carefully because in the background, you can hear slimy Matthews saying, “Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God that is good! I could watch that runway show!”

    @hardball_chris Matthews creeping on @MELANIATRUMP saying he could watch her walk all day. #dirtyoldman

  2. You are so correct with what you say here. The double standard has been around a long time and continues to grow right along with the corrupt media. I do remember Matthews making that comment about Melania and thought at the time that he was making fun of her runway walk as if she was doing something wrong. Matthews was the one that got a tickle up his leg over something Obama said or did - do not remember the details now. I wonder if he thinks Hillary is just like Honest Abe??? I do not watch him so will never know unless Hannity shows a clip. The medias job is to look out for the people and they are looking out for Hillary and the Dems. Shameful.

  3. Pray for the people that have been hit by the flooding/storm. Also pray for the families that have lost loved ones. Very devastating.

  4. There is one major glaring omission in this otherwise great article from Michael Kruse [], and that is that Trump is a Gemini with a split personality. There is this part of him that takes great pleasure in inflating himself so much that he ends up in an alternate reality (the frat talk universe), and then there is the other part of him that finds solace in being completely down to earth, doing good to those around him (look at his family). While it is this second part of Trump that endears him to all those who get to know him in person, it is the first (megalomaniac ) part that drives him to take on almost impossible tasks (like winning the nomination), and come out successful in many of them. Truth be told, it is our continuing hope for a savior - which many earlier thought was Obama - that is drawing the record crowds at his rallies, and has quietly garnered wide spread support among a silent majority, mostly from the rural areas of the country.
    Given this background, and assuming that he gets elected, it is very highly likely that Trump will bring about the greatest change yet to our political system - the reconstruction of the elected body we call Congress, pushing them to a state in which they begin to eschew the dictates of narrow special interest groups, and move on to adopt the larger public agenda. To this we say Amen.

  5. Thought I would share these two articles with you all. A little long, but worth the read.

    How is Trump’s Trash Talk Worse Than Bill Clinton Actually Committing Rape?

    The Best Moments of the 2nd Presidential Debate: Guess Who Won?

  6. Don't vote for any Repub who doesn't support the Presidential nominee of our Party !

    1. I will only check the name on the top of the ticket and leave the down ballot blank!

    2. There are some Reps supporting Trump and as much as I hate to say it, Mr. Trump will be able to get the job done better if he has a Rep House and Senate.

      In the same breath as the person said above, do not vote for the wimps that have deserted him - especially Ryan. Ryan is nothing more than a Romney puppet that forgot why he was sent to Washington in the first place. Another one that tells the people one thing and then will see them in four years with the same message. He might as well run in the Democrat Party because that is what he is - just another polished politician acting like one of the people. From the very beginning, Ryan has taken every opportunity to publicly cut down Trump. I will support Trump today, but not tomorrow and oh not today - the media loves every minute of it - now we can see what a decision maker Ryan is and why Washington is so screwed up - what a jerk. He (the closet Dem) seems to be able to make a decision when it is something Obama wants - gives him everything he wants to help further destroy America.

      Also if you have the option to vote for a judge - do some research - that is a very important position to vote for as you can see by the decision in FL overriding the Gov on the voter registration extension. That judge was more than likely appointed. Just more corruption.

      Also want to add, do not listen to the polls. They rig them to try and keep the Reps home thinking there is no chance. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. VOTE TRUMP - THE PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT.

    When you are a criminal and justice is on your heels, panic ensues and all your lies vanish when it becomes apparent that you are willing to sacrifice everything just to save yourself at any cost!

    Poor Political Party Hacks, lying Media, and corrupt outside powerful money interests never thought their game would be raided. They built a great wall around the People who they regard as basement dwellers and Deplorables so they could continue to do what was best for them and not the American People who pay them to do what is best for us! Twenty Trillion in Debt we have to pay while they skimmed off all they could from our paid taxes for themselves. A total betrayal of Our Freedoms, Democracy, and Future! Only the Trump Master can cage these wild Circus Animals but his success is tied to our success in voting for Donald John Trump on November 8, 2016 and by early ballot if available! This is the only chance to save our Country, Ourselves, and the future hopes for our Children! Mr. Trump, you are like a great Lion whose enemies tremble at your approach!

    May God continue to Bless Donald J. Trump and his Family!



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