Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Grand Junction, CO - Oct 18, 2016


  1. The situation between Patrick Kennedy & The FBI agent exchange,reminds me of the meeting between former president Bill Clinton & The Attorney General in the back of the plane for 39 min. was Quid Pro Quo to drop the charges against Hillary, in exchange for The AG to keep her position if Hillary becomes President!!

  2. Ahhhh when was my last time of interest in politics where one thought/hope someone would come along and touch the brain on "interest" that this change must be done? Ross P. for me. Unfortunately things didn't turnout. So here we are again; the porch light has been turned ON and the opportunity to make a change for the better has been presented to the people that really matter and would benefit the most. I am really seeing the 'light'; how disgusting the 'news media' has been. The dirty dollar rubbed in our faces. The mention of 'free speech / writings' has been refined for special interests. It's not the warm heart, a good handshake that was the contract, eye to eye agreement & trust. AMERICA take charge and vote for Trump and so dismantle the likes of Hillary ideas, presence, thoughts & followers. It's a new beginning. My father & mother would be proud that they raised a person with great heart and know that lying requires memory space that could be used to better things: history of your parents, who your friends really are, remembering birthdays, anniversary, and last but to be thrust forward the boo boos one made.To the 3rd debate, and forward thrust as Trump to be our proud president of the USA. Thank you all for reading this mind clearing expression.


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