Friday, October 14, 2016

RSBN: Donald Trump Rally in Greensboro, NC - Oct 14, 2016

RSBN in Greensboro talking to supporters.


  1. "We're Not going to let it happen". Sounds like he has something planned. I stand with Trump, whatever it is.

  2. Mr. Trump - your speech was awesome - Good to hear your greatest strength as a counter puncher activated in defending against the recent lies!! Follow your heart and say what you know to be right! The corrupt Clinton dynasty which includes media and certain republican elites are using false counter punching to your success. You deliver the knockout blow however! Had a dream from God where I saw many side by side poles in the ground and there were rampant frogs on top of them and around them. Frogs are an acronym for fraud - that is the nature of the media polls, and stories against you. God knows how to deliver his own counter-punching by giving the truth to people. He is for you and so are we the people. You and God make a majority - this election will knock the socks off of all opponents. God bless you President Trump!!

  3. Not since the Civil War has the union been so threatened; North/South, Blue/Gray, enemies nevertheless. Father's against sons, brothers against brothers, a carnage and suffering unimaginable. The Stakes are as high now as they was then.

    However, today there are no distinct uniforms distinguishing friend or foe, but an enemy nevertheless. Today the choice is a Socialist/Communists style Global Colony or a free sovereign Nation. For me, a Clinton voter is my enemy with a purpose of destroying and nullifying all the tremendous sacrifices made by past patriotic Americans so I may remain free.

    1. Dear Gary:

      A vote for Hillary is a vote for Globalism / World Order!

      Globalism ='s redistribution of wealth and jobs to other countries! These corrupt politicians have drained the liquidity out of the middle-class over the last 30 plus years with their incompetent and malfeasant trade deals and legislation. In addition to NAFTA the deregulation of the banks have been two of the most devastating financial events in this country's history!

      I agree with your assessment of our sovereign nation and the immediate threat to its existence!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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