Thursday, September 24, 2015

CNN New Day - Sep 24, 2015

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  1. I can't emphasize enough the importance of this election this Nov 2016 and Trump for President and let me explain why. First, it's not about being a Dem or Rep, it's about our future and our country.

    Hillary is Hillary's America go see this documentary, please. People that just voted Dem as they say, once a Dem always a Dem came out of that movie house yelling, Vote Trump! I am not joking.

    Our Supreme court people, can you see how left it's become, no longer what's in our constitution, these liberal judges are voting on what makes them feel good, it's sick.

    Our healthcare is swallowing us up in premiums going up each year and this year can't sustain it, not on fixed incomes for certain. We can't pay for refugees, free benefits each getting over 5,000 coming into our country, it's a septic tank. We can't do it, we have trillions of dollars of debt. You can 't continue to tax the rich, they will just move out of the country it's that simple.

    We need JOBS, people need to work, real jobs, manufacturing jobs, all we have now is service jobs, can't do it, that's why people are working for less money and holding 3 jobs, what are we doing people.

    Please don't buy into this Hillary lie, she is TPT, she is Wall St. she is corrupt. Clintons left the White House and were broke for all the lawsuits due to Bill Clinton's sex and lies, read up on in young people. They got rich of the last 8 yrs workth over 300 million dollars from doing speeches, please see the light and stop her from getting in our White House.
    Finally, the media are in Clinton's pockets, they get rich from her policies, they want her because they want to continue to control YOU AND ME.
    Time to face the facts, it's not about who sings better at a convention, or has more movie stars there, it's about you and your children and grandchildren what world will this be with Hillary? God Bless.


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