Sunday, June 5, 2016

CNN | State of the Union - June 5, 2016


  1. Dear Mr. Trump:

    Just finished watching the CNN State of the Union interview.

    Why does it seem so difficult to explain the reason behind your comments (Mexican Heritage) regarding the Judge presiding over the Trump University case???

    It seems very simple to me. The Judge has ruled time and time again in favor of the plaintiff and against your attorney's motions filed in the case. Even when the original plaintiff wanted to dismiss the charges. The Judge allowed the original plaintiff to walk away, but didn't dismiss the case. The Judge's action or lack thereof in itself seems slanted. . .biased if not out and out prejudicial!!!

    The fact that the Judge decided to allow the original plaintiff to walk away while not dismissing the case (on summary judgment) originally brought by said plaintiff now excused. . .warrants scrutiny to say the least!!

    I question the legality of it because it's as if the judge broke some kind of chain of custody by allowing the plaintiff's attorneys to proceed with new plaintiffs under the same lawsuit. You would think the original suit would have to be dismissed first! Requiring the suit be refiled under the new plaintiffs names! Allowing the same lawsuit to continue with new plaintiffs after the original plaintiff was removed seems unethical if not illegal!!!

    The Judge presiding over the case has ruled opposite of the normal rulings most legal minds would have expected. . .giving any respectable legal scholar pause to question the rulings. . .in addition to the motives behind the rulings!

    Considering such questionable. . .unorthodox rulings. . .one would have to wonder why a Judge would go to such links in a case that should have been dismissed when more then likely his rulings will be overturned / reversed upon the filing of an appeal!!!

    If it is true the Judge presiding over the case was appointed by President Obama. . .if it is true the Judge is of Mexican Heritage and if it is true the trial really takes place in November around the time of the Presidential Election. . .then the Judges questionable rulings is not a coincidence!!!

    As a matter of fact I believe there should be continued motions filed to "Recuse Judge for Cause"!!!

    If I was Trump I would look up / research the Judge's name in all States where the Judge has either lived or worked!!!

    You never know when you will discover a Judge listed as a registered agent on a corporation where he has continued to file the annual reports!!!

    I don't know about all other states. . .but in the state of Florida a Judge can not practice any type of law while sitting on the bench!!!

    Just food for thought. . .hope it helps!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  2. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I've been digging around for information on Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel. One thing I found interesting was the fact he appears to have lived or worked in East Chicago IN. . .La Mesa CA. . .Livermore CA. . .Los Angeles CA. . .San Diego CA. . .Washington DC and Miami Forida.

    Miami Florida is interesting if Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel is related somehow to Veronica Curiel, because her name surfaced on a Florida Nonprofit Corporation called - USA Refugees & Immigrants, Corp. that was filed / incorporated on 8-29-2012 effective 8-22-2012! Veronica is addressed in Miami Florida.

    Veronica Curiel was removed as the VP on 12-26-2012. In addition found it interesting as the corporate documents progressed that officers and directors began having official titles such as "Director Venezuela Laws" above their names next to Title.

    In the original filing no specific titles other then corporate ones such as VP etc. appear.

    Under Article III - the corporate description reads. . ."Organized Exclusively For Charitable Help and Educational Purposes Manage, Organize, Promote and Leadership Refugees, Asylum Granted, Re Settlements And All Immigrants Groups. Organize Conferences and Forums. Promote Human Rights".

    As you can clearly see. . . they help all immigrant groups by their own words so that is why the sudden appearance of Director of Venezuela Law I found so interesting. . .it makes their organization seem so Country specific when it isn't.

    My questions would be is Veronica Curiel related to Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel and does any member of his family or himself ever been associated with or ever given monies to refugee and or immigrant programs???

    You can review Veronica Curiel under the original filing listed at the bottom of the corporate page for "USA Refugees & Immigrants, Corp." document # N12000008337 at Thought the possible connection was worth looking into!!!

    I will keep looking into the Judge. . .hope it helps!!!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  3. Laura - I read your comments on the Judge. I am a poor researcher, but tried to find out the name of his wife to see if her name is Veronica. Only one site said he was married, but did not list the name of the person he married - found that a little strange. That was only one site and the other sites did not even mention he was married. I also goggled Veronica Curiel with no success in finding what you are looking for. Ran out of time so will try another time.

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  5. Laura, & Mr. Trump,
    Laura, Thanks! f/ the excellent detective work! Your commentary is always excellent.
    & Mr. Trump, I have a few helpful links to add on this issue.
    And, finally, an interview w/ a former graduate of Trump U., JP Moore, one of the first to graduate from Trump U. before it's name was later changed to Trump U. He says he went on to successfully buy properties around the world. He says that if you work & apply the principles, they really do work. Here's his interview on Bill Still Reports:
    * note: a former military guy posted a comment below this Still Report interview w/ Moore, saying that all former military can spot a fake a mile away, & that Moore, in his opinion, based upon Moore's Twitter posts (regarding his military experience, espec.), was/is not actually in the military, as he claims. So, I'm no longer 100% sure this Twitter Campaign_Trump guy's personal history, attendance @ Trump U., is factual. It may very well be, but, I have no proof & no ability to research it to verify yes or no & to learn the truth. He's @ Campaign_Trump on Twitter. Some commenters @ Bill Still's Report are thinking he's a fake, so, now I don't know whether his testimony above, re. Trump U., is factual. I assumed so, @ 1st, but now not so sure. But if he is telling the truth re. his experience w/ Trump U., it support's Trump's case in this civil class action lawsuit.

    & more evidence that this open vs. closed borders & immigration issues, & Judge Curiel's support of illegal immigration, has/have been in the works f/ yrs., & this plays a crucial role in the global control/take-over plan by a few wealthy families who own half the wealth of the world. Check this out:

    w/ great respect,
    Ms. Christena B.


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