Sunday, November 6, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Moon Twp., PA - Nov 6, 2016


  1. Congratulations on being President Elect. You got our votes. There is one thing no one has ever mentioned. You need to get rid of HAARP. It is very likely causing Global Warming. No kidding. Look it up. HAARP northeast of Anchorage, Alaska.

  2. Law and Order President - What a freaking joke! You are letting HRC off the hook and you expect Justice for All. You are as dumb as you look. I financially supported your for your slogan was "Lock Her Up" and now you have joined the swamp you claim to want to drain. You sicken me. I voted for you due to the hopes of cleaning up Washington DC and to take care of the person who jeopardized every American in this country national security. She has need for time to recover you are stupid beyond belief HRC, WJC can recover in a place called prison.

    Then Mitt Romney for SOS are you kidding me -again how stupid can you be? Here is man who is a loser by your own declaration and has no respect for you. You say you are draining the swamp - BUNK!!!!!!!! I used to respect you and stayed up election night to see you win - what a waste of time and nothing has changed. I guess next you will be on a golf course since our current POTUS does it all the time. You really stink!!!!!!!! LIAR

    1. AW - I do not like the idea of Romney being given a chance to save his reputation now that he shot himself in the foot to try to destroy Trump. What a traitor and I wish he would not be given any position. I guess Romney has skills at cleaning up messes and maybe would be a good fit to clean up the mess with the Veterans health. Regarding SOS - he has proven to be a back biter and I would never trust the man with any job such as that. I pray he gets none of the jobs.

      We all want Hillary to be locked up, but think about it. Right now he needs to pick his cabinet and does not need the Hillary distraction. The dirty Dems are trying to keep him from being sworn in and trying to do some other dirty stuff regarding the election. It is smart for Trump right now not to focus on Hillary. Plus he knows Obama will pardon her. The President can suggest an investigation of Hillary, so his Attorney General can look into it if he wishes to do so or can appoint a special prosecutor. Plus Congress can do something if they wish to regarding the Foundation. Remember - Trump does not believe in telling everything he plans to do. He has not been sworn in yet so just wait.

      Look at all the great people he has chosen so far. Sessions will be a great law and order AG. Give this all a chance to play out. We will not like all the appointees, but I think we will be happy with 95 percent or more of them. I still trust Trump to do the right thing and I believe he will try to keep his campaign promises. He has a long road ahead and has to deal with a lot of snakes so we still need to stand behind him. If he just gets the major things done he wants to do, it will truly be great. Please give him a chance.

  3. Dear Mr. Trump. God & neglected-Conservative voters got you to the Prez, HOORAY! I think MILLIONS of lives have been saved just by you winning. Can't you SUE/arrest SOROS for Treason, as his funded-by-him "demon-strators" crossed state lines. On the imprison-Hillary question, just have her dis-barred. She's then "under a cloud", and no-one can say she wasn't "punished." It should be up to O'Bama to Pardon her,--Hellery was his "girl" @ State, but she should be dis-barred, so that she can't rise again, like some Golem/Zombie. Hellary had people "zapping [-through Psychotronics] conservatives", so please look-into that. HOW could I & other Veterans be "Terrorists", if we LOVE you,--BEG to do what you want,--Love the Constitution & this country? Psychotronics are used on sports teams, also, where a coach like Arias [Az Cardinals ] has "chest-pain", & the Hospital finds NOTHING. The Hosp. "found nothing", because once in the Hospital, he was no longer being irridated/"zapped" enough to have pain induced! I feel the Az cards have been irridated since the 2015 Carolina game, as essentially the same team has turned into a mediocre/"losing" team [4-5-1], slowed/confused during game-play when they practice PERFECTLY. I Believe /believed-in Trump to the tune of $600.00 between 2012-16. Not asking for a refund, but those monies could have bought me TWO "Qu-Wave Defenders"[--an Anti-Psychotronic device], which would have maybe prevented the increased-aging that supporting You, Justice, & strict-constitutional interpetation, has cost me.


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