Sunday, March 6, 2016

CBS | Face the Nation - March 6, 2016


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    1. I was going to post this and so happy to see that you have already done it. Time to vet Ted since the media will not do it. Also found an article where Ted met with Jewish donors in NY and made this statement "I don't think I'm all that conservative".
      Then he has the nerve to question how conservative Trump is. Cruz will say and do anything to get elected. Also thank you for the positive articles on Trump. Keep up the good work.

  2. "MUST READ: High school classmate defends the character of Donald J. Trump" -

  3. Romney is a Fraud. Must See Judge Jeanine video.
    Romney trying to block Trump

  4. RAFAEL Cruz is a lyin'snake, pretending to be an outsider, he’ll say anything he believes people want to hear.

    He’ll do anything for power. Cruz was not supported by NOT ONE of his fellow senators who know him best due to his radical beliefs and vile nature.

    So No he is NOT a part of the traditional establishment but he is controlled by large corporations who finance his campaign.

    He has NEVER owned a business, he cannot stimulate not fix our economic problems, he knows nothing about job creation, he never speaks about our national debt. He is no conservative.

    Do not Trust Ted, he is a professional speaker, debater and liar. He will NOT work for average Americans, he is owned and controlled.

    He is also funded by:
    -Woodforest National Bank
    -Morgan Lewis LLP
    - Credit Suisse (CS)
    - Anadarko Petroleum (APC)
    and various Texas oil companies.


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