Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CNN | Donald Trump Family Town Hall - April 12, 2016


  1. What's with the snotty comments added to the screen? Is that CNN adding this?

  2. It's the uploader on YouTube adding them, not CNN

  3. Why is this still streaming I'm trying to watch. ��

  4. What a wonderful Townhall meeting with Anderson Cooper! There is no way the media or other candidates can bash the interview.

    Trump did an amazing job responding in an authentic. . .sincere. . .and honest manner!

    In addition Mr. Trump's family is such a testament to his success as a husband, father and businessman. He clearly has the respect of all his children as displayed in each one of their answers regarding their father. You could tell their responses were honest. . .not planned or sugar coated. I knew their feelings were real by the admiration present in their eyes!

    There is no doubt that Donald Trump is the real deal!

    When he poured his heart. . .love. . .and passion into his family, he produced marvelous young adults. When he poured his heart, love and passion into his career choice he turned a million dollar loan into a 10 Billion Dollar Company. Now he wants to pour his heart, love and passion into "Making America Great Again" and I know if he is given a chance he will accomplish his hearts mission!

    Wake up America! Don't kick a gift horse or should I say elephant in the mouth. We need a real leader and Trump is the only candidate who is an extraordinary person with an extraordinary resume!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  5. The people did not vote in Colorado AND Cruz won.

  6. Laura - I agree with what you have written. We all should be grateful that Trump is willing to take on the challenge of running this Country after it has been run into the ground. We the People have got to be strong and get involved to insure he gets the delegates he needs for the nomination and watch for voter fraud. We the People for Trump will do it the Trump way - the American honest and fair way. Vote Trump and pray for him and his entire team.

  7. The world needs you, Donald Trump. Make America and the World Great Again. Bring Back Honesty and Truth. Trump for President.

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  9. Muyabala SwazilandApril 14, 2016 at 8:55 AM

    Thank you Mr Trump for entering the race to the White house. Your honest "tell it as it is" campaign has helped us to see how fraud the so called democratic process in America is. Personally I don't believe men's government will ultimately solve the world problems but we have to try as you are doing while time is given us to do so. The attack that has been used to stop you from being the republican Party nominee so far makes us believe your elections are really not dependent on the people's choice but on the wish of a group of people calling themselves "the establishment". I have always believed that Party politics is not the people for the people and by the people. It is the Party for the people by the people. That is really PARTICRACY not DEMOCRACY. I live in a Kingdom where we are trying to allow true democracy to flourish by not allowing parties to high jack things. Those who want to serve as politicians go to the people to sell themselves NOT to sell party ideologies but what they are will do as individuals. That's what I hear you saying BUT with your system it cant work.

    Your family in the town hall represented your efforts very well. We are encouraged to see that money does not always corrupt. I hope the American people can realize that you are trying to be honest on many issues but the media and other politicians who only know the language of dishonesty will always attack you and present you in the most horrible light. For example you were right when you said women who choose to abort (kill) without a provable reason must be punished. That is the truth because the law says if there is evidence that one had the intention to commit a punishable act such as killing he/she should be punished may be together with the accomplice the doctor in this case. This is understood in law and no one disputes it but when it is said in the sham politics of men it is wrong and the speaker should be asked to apologize. What a world of hypocrisy!

    The other thing I want to commend you so far which again you are being blamed and forced to come out of is where you are not giving specifics of your policy. Usually even in business and in running an organization the administrators/CEOs set the broad vision, goals and objectives and leave the specifics of implementation (Strategies and action programs) to their managers. Why would politicians mislead us by telling us what specific actions they will do when in actual fact they wont even be the ones to do it let alone do it in the way they say or have written. Circumstances do change. Give the broad things you will do and let your management team of departmental secretaries do their various and most efficient planning of how to fulfil those broad areas of your presidential promises. Allow liars to continue lying don't fall into their trap. You surely don't know everything otherwise then you don't need anyone. No one is voted for "know it all and do it alone" kind of campaign. We now know how un democratic the American system is and it is humbling to say the least. God will have his way eventually no matter what people do. All the best Sir. Muyabala Swaziland. Muyabalamuna@gmail.com

  10. Why didn't Ted Cruz sue the National Enquirer for printing a story about his five mistresses - one of them working for the DC Madam?


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