Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fox News | Donald Trump - The Disrupter


  1. Anonymous GOP Fundraising for the Federal Election: Trump (or one of his people) did say that he talked with the RNC in DC about fundraising. I have noticed that he's doing several NY Area GOP fundraising events.

    I wonder if there's a way that the RNC can help organize fundraisers across the country to benefit the GOP Federal campaign in such a way that Trump would not know who is purchasing the tickets.

    Likewise, I wonder if the RNC can accept donations for the Federal campaign --- again, in such a way that Trump does not have direct knowledge of the actual donors. And what about RNC SuperPacs that support the GOP nominee?

    I realize that the fundraising totals will be significantly less than direct campaign contributions to Trump's coffers, but there's got to be a way to financially aid the GOP nominee and maintain Trump's 'self-funding' ideals.

  2. I watched the "Trump, the Disruptor" last night. I thought it was fair. The most moving part was the interviewing of the employees of Carrier. They were the tip of the iceberg of Americans who lost their jobs, not to foreign competition but to greedy CEOs who want bigger profit margin for themselves and put their loyal employees last. There were ten of millions of stories like them.

    1. I thought it was the politicians and their special interests who are the greedy ones who make the rules and regulations that force business's to have to do business outside the US if they want to make money? Also thought our political leaders were supposed to be in business to represent the people and business's of course we're in business to make money

  3. This woman Trump supporter watched Trump the Disruptor. I have heard mixed opinions of the report from Trump supporters. If you are a Trump supporter and have been watching him speak at rallies and on TV, you realize there is more to the man than all those negative clips. If you have never really listened to Trump before and this report is all you ever see or hear about him, then I think this report was just Foxes last attempt to sink Trump's ship. If I had never heard him speak at a rally, I would get the impression from this report that all he did was incite the crowds and tell them to beat people up. I also would think his supporters were bad and violent. I would think that the radical groups in Chicago just showed up because they hated Trump so much they just had to be there. They did not mention that these are very professionally organized radical groups. They did not mention that the University let the radical groups inside without tickets in order to keep Trump from speaking. Then they have a Cruz spokesperson, Kelly Anne, making a few statements. Could they not find a more neutral person to make comments. Again they had to show the picture of Heidi and Melania and again DID NOT EVEN MENTION THE NEGATIVE AD WITH THE PHOTO OF MELANIA that was run before the Utah election supporting the I have never done anything wrong Ted Cruz. Bret did make a comment to someone he was interviewing that the Trump supporters then see what they want to see - really!!!! In other words, we are not bright enough to see the real Donald Trump. Let me tell you what this woman Trump supporter sees. I see a media that is so dishonest that they will say and do anything to get their candidate elected. I see a media that because of their dishonestly on a daily basis is upsetting people. It is very frustrating to listen to such bias reporting all the time. If they want to know who is inciting the people, it is the media and some of the other dishonest and calculating candidates and politicians. I think that people are upset and when they hear Trump speak, he calms them down by giving them hope. For the first time in a very long time, we have a candidate that actually cares about America and cares about the people. He is honest, competent, has a good heart, will keep us safe, will create jobs, will protect our Second Amendment, and is bold enough enough to stand up to the crooked establishment and elites that are trying to keep the people from having a voice. Because Mr. Trump is not afraid to speak the truth, he has already made positive changes in this Country. Just think what he can do when he makes it to the White House. Trump is the only candidate that is self funding and the only real outsider. We need to turn the crooked ones in the media off. We need to come out in large numbers and vote, keep our eyes open for voter fraud, sign up to make calls for Trump and help in every way we can. This movement has to get stronger in order to ensure the crooks do not keep him from getting the magic number 1237. Please pray for Trump, his team and his family so that he can Make America Great Again.

  4. Trump is GOD's will at a time like this!

  5. I'm a full blown Trump supporter and found the show fair. Listening to almost all of Trumps rally's in combination with the show, demonstrates against all the negativity we Trump supporters have had to endure against, I think it was mostly factual reporting and I do agree that Mr. Trump will be recognized for educating a lot of us how crooked the "System" really is! These are the things that we don'T think of everyday, but will forever change us for future election decisions and how we view canidates. Just another reason I support him fully!

  6. I thought it was well done. Got a lot more incite into Mr. Trump and it was all positive. I am a female who is on the Trump train all the way.


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