Saturday, April 16, 2016

Campaign Rally in Watertown, NY at Watertown International Airport - April 16, 2016


  1. TRUMP's presidency will allow me to say Merry Christmas... that is good enough reason for me to vote for TRUMP!

  2. I trust that Mr TRUMP is chosen by GOD to give us one last warning! HE will protect Mr Trump and make sure that Mr Trump will be our next President!

  3. We all need to pray every day for Mr. Trump and his entire team. They have a long road ahead dealing with all the dirty tricks Ted and the establishment are pulling just to steal the election from Trump. The people in Colorado and Wyoming never got a chance to vote. This has to be unconstitutional and Ted does not care. He will say and do anything to win. I think Ted has to be the most dishonest candidate I have ever seen running as a Republican. What a fraud and so shameful. Kasich wants everyone to think he is the only innocent clean guy in the race. I think he is just trying to keep Trump from getting 50 percent and Kasich thinks they will hand him the nomination in Cleveland. Kasich is for amnesty and will not keep us safe and he failed horribly when he had a top management position at Lehman Brothers when it crashed. Many people lost a lot of money because of him. Guess no one ever asks him about that part of his experience. Plus I believe he was for NAFTA. Be sure if you are in one the states that still allows you to vote, that you are properly registered to vote especially in the closed primary states. Vote Trump - make America Great Again and return some integrity to the Country.


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