Sunday, April 17, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Poughkeepsie, NY - April 17, 2016


  1. Thank you to the Light that shines From Donald Trumps soul.He is making US believe again in our country

  2. ASCR
    Sovereign Citizen Reporter
    #LeeEricNewton Campaigning in Princeton New Jersey for Donald J Trump.
    Twitter: @mylifebox

  3. Vote for the best we will ever have for a President for our Country .
    Vote Trump. He doesn't have any of these NWO to destroy our Country and loss of jobs like the Cruzs= The Clintons-The Bushs-Heidi Cruz who is involved with all if these people are all together for Globalization to create a North American Union Community. Take away our Sovereignty.
    Free Flow with Canada, the USA and Mexico as one Country.
    Free trade.
    Have someone else run our Country .
    We don't need any of what those people want to do. It will be bad for our Country. More people coming in taking our jobs for lower pays. Your jobs going out to these other Countries.
    Its too bad that Obama did not protect our jobs, our economy and our Welfare system, our Military, Vets and our lives as a healthy economical Country .
    Voting Trump will do all that.
    Now from what is happening Obama and his Admin. is opening up every door and possibility to anyone and the rest of the World burdening taxpayers money till there is no more. We are bankrupt just about or are.
    Obama thinks he is doing something so great except it's not coming from his pocket. He has his circle that is lining his pockets and Hillary is right in there with all the rest of these crooks and criminals.
    Vote Trump to remove the corrupt out of our Government which he has been proving.
    Vote Trump for NWO.
    No Cruz if you think things are bad for jobs now wait if Cruz or a GOP nominates their own. We will be scraping bottom.
    Obama has done for everyone except our Country. Its all stemming from him.
    Go NY
    Go PA
    Go CA
    Go all States vote Trump!
    Petition that all States to vote Primarys and Election the same.
    Same Country, same all one rules.
    Vote against corruption not for it with Cruz or a GOP nomination of their own.
    That is a dictatorship living under Gestapo.
    Vote Trump for our Country and our Gun Rights and all of our Rights under the Constitution of the USA.
    Stop blaming Trump.
    Start listening to what he will do to Make Our Country Great Again and respected and looked up to.
    Thanks to all who vote Trump!
    Thousands of people can't be wrong.


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