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The Savage Nation - April 29, 2016


  1. Dear Mr. Trump:

    Surprise. . .surprise. . . Lyin' Ted Cruz picks up the endorsement from former Governor of California Pete Wilson.

    Well, one shouldn't be so surprised, considering Pete Wilson went to Yale University where George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush graduated! I would be willing to bet that the Bush's had something to do with the recent endorsement!

    Just to give you a little peek into Pete Wilson's background, he had a heavy hand if not at least partially to blame for the California Energy Crisis! Many people believe the energy crisis was a result of the deregulation of the California energy industry caused by a huge lobbying effort by Enron. . .the Bush family's buddies. (Enron collapsed right after September 11th 2001!)

    In addition Pete Wilson spoke at the funeral of Richard Nixon held in California. I would say that speaks volumes considering Richard Nixon resigned because of the Watergate Scandal!

    It does not surprise me that Cruz would receive such an endorsement from Pete Wilson. . . the crooks and criminals stick together!

    Ted Cruz is not a good person as a matter of fact not only did he fail to disclose his loan from Goldman Sachs. . .most people are unaware of his wife's (Heidi Cruz) former position as VP and is now a Managing Director at Goldman, Sachs and Co. Prior to going to work at Goldman Sachs she worked as a Economic Policy Advisor Bush Cheney 2000 and then the Director Western Hemisphere (The White House and National Security Council).

    The bottom line. . . a vote for Ted Cruz is a vote for the crooked Bush - Clan! There is no difference between Cruz and the Bush's!

    Please. . . Wake up America vote for Donald J. Trump!!!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    1. For Laura Johnson...thanks for speaking up!! I have been reading your comments and you are awesome!! You are so RIGHT regarding Lyin Ted Cruz...he has tried to insult all of us with his LIES,Conniving corrupt cheating tactics,not to mention the stealing-delegate game,and the alliance with Kasich etc etc etc etc!!The list of dishonesty and manipulation goes on and on!!Its outrageous the way Cruz tries to fool everyone that he is an "outsider"!!! He is totally involved with all the cronies without a doubt!! No one likes him nor can they get along with him within the republican establishment...just look at the comments stated about him from Boehner!!! Lyin Lucifer'Rafael" the LOSER !! Donald Trump is the only one who speaks the truth,doesn't cheat,steal of manipulate the system and with that kind of integrity,it speaks volumes!! DONALD TRUMP deserves respect and acknowledged for all of his accomplishments and achievements,plus appreciated for his tenacity,stamina,and perseverance and strategy to remain as the front runner in this Rigged election cycle!! All the other puppets are being choked by their doners,but not Donald Trump (He is amazing to pay for his entire campaign!)A remarkable quest to show the voters that outside interests will take advantage of him!! He is definitely out for the best interest of the People (the VOTERS without question)!! Cruz is like all the rest and will never be able to get anything done for the country (He is not able to get along with anyone,so how in God's name can he get anything accomplished??) Donald Trump is a unifier...just look and admire all that he has accomplished!! He knows exactly how to get things done!!We are so excited for him to Get the job done!! ......Ladies for TRUMP,Las Vegas Nevada,on the TRUMP train all the way!!


  2. In my opinion, if Trump would lose Indiana then that would indicate election fraud or worse - a rigged election. Basis of my opinion (1) Last Tuesday night, Mark Levin downplayed the 5 states (having primaries that day) and instead highlighted the importance of Indiana (2) Some media have said it's not so necessary for Trump to win Indiana (3) "New poll finds Cruz with double-digit lead in Indiana" ( ); this poll seems to be ABSURDLY out of sync with other polls ( ) (4) Why did the Governor of Indiana in his reported tepid endorsement of Cruz bother to say "I’m not against anybody" ( )? (5) "Cruz has staked his candidacy on the Hoosier State" ( ) (6) Trump came into Indiana after winning 5 states in huge landslides (on April 26th) and soon after publicly received Bobby Knight's endorsement. I refuse to buy that Carly or Pence would generate enough momentum for Cruz to legitimately deny Trump. Moreover Trump, as in Wisconsin, is working hard ... (7) Indiana is an "Open Primary" (,_2016 ) (8) FURTHER INDICATION THAT INDIANA / CALIFORNIA APPEAR TO BE RIGGED: At approximately 2:28 of ("Ted Cruz Sounds Desperate In Megyn Kelly Interview" "Published on Apr 28, 2016") ( ) Ted Cruz tells Megyn Kelly that "nobody is going to get to 1237 ... Donald can't get there ..." Megyn Kelly responds - he [Trump] can get there if he wins Indiana and does really well in California. Cruz replies "BUT HE [TRUMP] IS NOT GOING TO"

  3. Dear Mr. Trump:

    Please ask your campaign staff to look for a message I just sent you through the website join us feature. It is very important to increasing your lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana. According to the polls you have a 15 point lead. . .I want to see a double digit lead like 30 points. Please ask them to give you my messages regarding the topic suggestion I again forwarded today! You will not be disappointed it is great advice!!!

    Oh by the way. . .great job on the 20th Anniversary show with Chris Wallace. He tried to run over you and it didn't work. . .it was even great watching Wallace get flustered! You were on a roll as they say. . .great job!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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