Sunday, February 14, 2016

CNN | CBS GOP Debate Recap - Feb 13, 2016


  1. Hello Donald...I am a Canadian but I sure wish you were going to take over office here too!
    Just saying...we would vote for you too

  2. The establishment hates you, because you see the problems in this country and are unabashedly declaring them. The 1% have done everything they can to discredit you, using the bought and owned media to try to make you look bad. But we are here, the real Americans, and we support you 100% They can say every rotten thing against your supporters, but it will never change how we feel. We love you Man!

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  3. I support you! The media, the republican party have all tried to discredit and stack the deck against you. You know what we the people want and we the people are sick of Washington as usual politics. We need trump in 2016 !

  4. I liked the way Douglas Brinkley described Donald J Trump in the CNN after debate. As a Godzilla on a top of a building, and the others had to tear him down, but he came out as a winner once again!!! Donald J Trump for the peoples President & Melania 1:st lady 2016 :)


    Bush takes land from 70year old disabled vet using ED.

  6. Every time Trump responds to main stream media, protesters in the crowd, politicians....I find myself yelling at my TV YES! Go Don! YES! 10 years ago, I came to the realization that the Republican & Dems are both marching in the same direction. They are "both" destroying this Country. I had all but given up. Then Mr. Trump showed up on the scene. He is the only man (except Ben Carson) that will make me go back to the voting booth once again. Mr. Trump, you have my vote Sir! And I want to say thank you, keep doing what your doing.
    Oh, and to CNN, not panning the crowd he speaks to, kiss my lily white as....... you people make me sick.


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