Monday, February 29, 2016

Campaign Rally at Radford University, VA Feb 29, 2016


  1. :-) :-) :-) AMAZING STORY FROM DONALD TRUMP – Approximately 1:18:22 – 1:20:34 of (“Donald Trump Rally at Radford University in Radford, VA (2-29-16)”): ‘I’ll tell you this story and it happened in the Philippines around 1918. They had tremendous Muslim terrorism. Tremendous - they had – 1918 - so what’s changing and you had General Pershing. He was a tough tough cookie and they had they caught fifty terrorists. Many Many people were being killed. Very Similar to what’ s happening today. They caught fifty terrorists. Does anybody know this story by the way? It’s an amazing story. It shows toughness. It shows toughness. A true story. The press will say well it was a rumor. It’s not a rumor. It’s a true story. So General Pershing was a tough general and by the way we need tough generals. We need - we need General Douglas MacArthur and we have him. We need - we need George Patton - General George Patton. We need tough. So General Pershing, they caught fifty terrorists and they have a thing about pig’s blood and pig’s. And what they did is - they cut open two pigs. And they dumped the bullets into the pigs. And they took the bullets and they stood the fifty men up. And they - shot each man - shot each man with a bullet that was covered with pig’s blood. But they didn’t shoot the fiftieth person. They gave him his bullet. And they said you go back and take this bullet back. [Protestor] Ah don’t worry about her. Forget it. Let’s do the end of the story. And then we’ll take care of her. They said Listen Listen Listen Listen - Listen Everybody - Listen. They said you take this bullet. To the fiftieth person - they killed forty nine terrorists - they said, you take this bullet - you take it to your home and you show and you explain what just happened. For twenty eight years they had no terrorism. Twenty eight years. We are going to have to get tough. We are going to have to get tough.’

    Donald Trump also said at approximately 1:26:20 – 1:27:15 of (“Donald Trump Rally at Radford University in Radford, VA (2-29-16)”): ‘Coal is coming back. Clean coal is coming back. 100%. Thank You. I’m so glad they said it. What this president and what the EPA has done to our energy and done to our coal industry is ridiculous. We sell coal. The coal mines are dying. But the only coal we give is coal to China. Do you think they clean the coal? Believe me they don’t. Alright, we’re going to bring the coal industry back 100%. Alright. No - if I win we are going to go clean coal and that technology is working. I hear it works. So we are going to go clean coal. We are bringing coal back. We are going to have a lot of forms of energy. We’re going to bring it back. And We’re gonna [save] - I mean I have so many people they are in the coal industry - West Virginia - different places - it’s devastated for no reason whatsoever. So we’re bringing coal back …’

  2. : “Sounds like SECRET TAPE might have Trump saying what he said on the record to Byron York. …”

  3. At approximately 2:45 of “Trump Vs mexico & the Border - Donald Trump On Hannity” “Published on Feb 29, 2016” Trump addressed the off the record conversation with the NY Times.


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