Friday, February 26, 2016

Press Conference before Fort Worth Rally - Feb 26, 2016


  1. - “"@Slytle24: @davidaxelrod @realDonaldTrump @CNN he won almost all polls and Mark Halperin gave him an A-” - “Desperate Rubio, Cruz tag-team to slam Trump at GOP debate | New York Post” (BTW: Trump apparently turned his father’s 1 million dollar loan into a worth of about 10 BILLION dollars! That’s an increase of 10,000 times via hard work and financial acumen!!!); - “Matthews: Rubio Had Plants ‘Squealing’ — ‘Unnatural,’ ‘Phony,’ ‘Choreographed’”; : "Trump isn't repeating himself, he's trying to explain the free market to an imbecile." It’s getting more like playground jeering … -

    Interesting analysis Friday 2/26/16 so far from Michael Savage about the debate; Savage said among other things that Rubio is a shill - “Marco Rubio Teases Brokered Convention: After First Round, Delegates Vote For Whoever They Want”. Ha Ha – Do we want someone like establishment RINO Paul Ryan as the nominee?

    Rubio and Cruz have a resume similar to Obama – seriously people ... In a nutshell, as Trump said months ago, RUBIO IS A CLOWN ( ) and Ted Cruz is an UNETHICAL LIAR.

    Also: In a press conference with Trump in Texas, Chris Christie ENDORSED Trump at around 1 PM eastern time (Friday 2/26/16) ( ). Trump, at the press conference, also apparently ruled out Rubio as a running mate – temperament issues - a choke artist!!!


  2. :

    “The twittersphere encapsulated the day brilliantly when someone said: “Donald Trump Hires NJ-based Demolition Expert to Finish Troublesome Project”. That sub-headline is just too good not to share.

    Not only did Donald Trump find a way to starve the media oxygen from the best laid schemes of the frat boys running the GOPe “Full Mississippi” attack plan; but somehow Trump simultaneously created an immediate comparison between a serious and strong campaign -vs- a staggeringly overmatched boy Rubio. Brilliant. Simply, brilliant.”

  3. What's worse - to hire a subcontractor, who used undocumented Polish workers in 1980

    or be a no show US Senator today?

  4. Folks, it is time we put pressure on Rudy Guiliani to get his ass behind Trump. Rudy said in an interview that he loved the campaigns of Christie, Trump and was also friends with Jeb, which is why he was not ready to endorse yet. Well, now Christie has gotten behind Trump and Jebito is gone. What is he waiting for?!?!? GET BEHIND YOUR FELLOW NEW YORKER, RUDY!

  5. Have researched Rubio's snotty remarks at the debate, and they all are outright falsehoods or distortions. For example, Rubio insisted that Donald Trump based his success on "200 million dollars" inherited form his father, but his father died when his son was in his mid fifties and already a wealthy entrepreneur. The money he left to his many children was a small fraction of what Rubio claimed.


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