Thursday, February 18, 2016

MSNBC | Trump Town Hall - Feb 17, 2016


  1. Mr Trump was very good tonight in the town hall. The questions received and answered Mr Trump was very clear on. The other candidates need to pack it in and all republicans need to support him.

  2. Anybody watching the snake part? I just had to quit when he started to rattle! Donald Trump was great as usual, hopefully he wins the nomination :)

  3. You know your hitting all the buttons when your attacked on all sides as Mr. Trump is.
    The establishment and the media are so infuriated that most people are not falling for the usual puppets that trotted out every 4 years.

  4. I hope Mr. Trump has received word of
    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
    Jose Antonio Vargas interview with
    Couric today.
    He's upset at Mr. Trump for being called out as one of many Undocumented Illegals in this Country. Dope!

  5. NOW !!!!!
    We see how corrupt and deceitful
    the establishment is.
    They send out LOSERS like Romney and Perry who are stooges to try and derail Trump.
    They've destroyed the wealth of this nation and what it was built upon.
    Now they want to control the people.
    They aren't Conservative. They're not American.
    They are Really Globalists like Clinton.
    Stand Your ground Mr. Trump.

  6. why does cnn keep repeating the rick perry/ted cruz comments downing trump? over and over ... it is a corrupt debate

  7. Great Videos On Why We Support TRUMP !!!!!


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