Monday, February 22, 2016

Campaign Rally at South Point Arena in Las Vegas, NV Feb 22, 2016


  1. Right now, Donald Trump Jr. is live streaming from Elko, Nevada, on the Last Refuge site. Worth a look.

  2. Trump Jr. is a chip off the old block, very well spoken, an mini donald

    1. Terrific town hall with Donald Jr.....a GREAT MAN raised a GREAT SON!!!

  3. Competent-Incompetent----Common Sense to know the difference.

  4. AMAZING speech (today, Monday February 22, 2016) by Donald Trump JUNIOR!!! ( – “Replay: Donald Trump, Jr. Speaks in Elko, NV (2-22-16)”). I encourage everyone to listen. By the way, from listening to Trump’s son it’s further validation that his father is a sincere and good person.

    At approximately 0:10 (of ) ‘Common Sense is actually starting to make a difference and so the party establishment even the Republican party will do whatever they can to try to stop my father because they realize if he gets in there you know the little game that they are used to playing and everyone takes care of everyone else and everyone makes money off of everyone else’s thing and you know everyone’s doing incredibly well for doing nothing. You know that all ends. That all ends. And He’s going to change the game. So again to my point get out there and vote. There’s only so much that they can do if we win in LANDSLIDES. The people have to speak and the people have to finally have a voice again and that’s what we are trying to do. But yes make no mistake THEY ARE DEATHLY AFRAID OF MY FATHER ON BOTH SIDES because of what he will do to that system that they have grown very comfortable with.’

    At approximately 4:39 (of ) ‘… He’s going to be a leader for the people and not the puppet masters.’

    At approximately 20:20 and 24:59 and 26:45 and 28:55 (of ) we get an insight to the INCREDIBLE PERSONAL IMPORTANCE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT TO THE TRUMP FAMILY.

    At approximately 23:40 (of ) ‘When you talk about the Republicans being you know a small government party, you know there’s a lot of talk. How much action has there been? How much – I mean seriously how much action have you seen? They’ll tell you everything you want to hear. They’ll say it over and over again. Guess what – how many times have they acted on those principles? Exactly zero -because again it’s all part of the same cadre of guys getting together and doing nothing. So you know I think it’s time to let a business man in there …’

    At approximately 27:24 (of ) ‘… but it’s always a death by a thousand cuts …’

    At approximately 35:45 (of ) ‘… but ultimately if ALL OF YOU go show up and push that button and speak and say hey you know this is the guy that should be doing this. You know EVENTUALLY THEY ARE GOING TO FOLD OR THERE WILL BE NO GOP as they know it and it’s probably it’s probably time for that. You know I mean I think WE ARE ALL FOR A LOT OF CONSERVATIVE PRINCICPLES AND VALUES AND EVERYTHING THAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT BUT THE WAY THEY ARE TRYING TO DO IT WITH LITTLE CADRES AND YOU KNOW THEIR LITTLE BACKROOM DEALS AND TRYING TO CUT ANYONE OUT WHO CAN ACTUALLY EFFECTUATE REAL CHANGE WHO ACTUALLY MAY MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN FOR A CHANGE – that doesn’t work forever.’

  5. Mr Trump needs to talk about how Australia paid to small islands off their coast to keep all the Syrian Refugees until they could check them all out. Just for safety reasons

  6. Mr. Trump: I still support you, but your performance in the debate last night was disappointing to me. Did you not know that all these opponents were going to bring out the issues that have been in the press around you for many years? Why were you not better prepared to respond? I think you must take some time off from your news interviews and think carefully about responding to your opponents.


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