Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Donald Trump Rally at Rose Ballroom in Sparks, NV - Feb 23, 2016


  1. Why won't you show the crowds?
    I think you would gain a great deal of respect and added viewership if you did.

  2. It's actually the media that's controlling the cameras. Too bad, there's no media that's willing to show the crowds on a regular basis. However, Donald's showing Twitter Thank-you Photos with various Huge-ee crowd shots to correct this crowd issue in anyone's mind. Just look at his Las Vegas Rally photo on the lower left side.

    1. The media doesn't want everyone to see how many people love and follow him and love his ideas. They're such hacks, they don't even report how many people were there, they lie. The "thank you" photos show the crowds, love those. Trump we're with you and want you to make America great again!

  3. Your the one with clear ideas to actually solve problems...10 feet higher on the wall.


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