Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fox News | The O'Reilly Factor - July 26, 2016


  1. Dear Mr. Trump:

    President Obama did not save this country from a depression! After he took office I wrote a letter to him that he should force the financial institutions / banks to fix the interest rates on the subprime mortgages (3 and 5 year interest only loans) based on violations of predatory lending law violations! My letter was faxed to the White House. He chose to allow this country's economy to decline instead. From what I understand Bill Clinton played a major role in the subprime mortgage debacle.

    For people to discount the severity of the collapse of several banks or institutional investment firms as these things happen from time to time and they always seem to work themselves out. . .well here is my response. The so called bad periods were intentionally orchestrated!

    First of all these bank debacles beginning with the Savings and Loan debacle have been orchestrated intentionally to fleece america. It is the very reason behind the transfer of property and financial wealth to the 3 percent across the world not just in our country. The savings and loan debacle was the beginning of draining the liquidity out of the middle-class. So these little bank hiccups are not things that just happen they have been orchestrated intentionally so the banks and government can auction off this countries assets to the highest Good Old'Boy investor (like a Saudi Prince) or your JP Morgan Chase or the Merrill Lynch investment firms of Wall Street (hence the beginning of the transfer of wealth).

    It began with the S & L debacle, next the signing of NAFTA, then the deregulation of the banks, then the government allowing 3 and 5 year interest only loan products to be marketed and sold to the American public and finally when the financial institutions behind the subprime mortgage conspiracy were getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar they intentionally collapsed and those (knowing the crimes committed) who bet against the economy raked in billions! Then once again the real estate market crashed the middle-class lost their only savings in some cases. . . their equity in their homes!

    You or Mr. Manafort recently made a statement that bothered me.

    When you said you have no interest in visiting the past. Well News Flash. . .without revisiting and reviewing the past you can't right the wrongs or prevent it from happening again!

    As for the minimum wage issue. . .Bill O'Reilly is 100 percent wrong when suggesting that teenagers should have a different minimum wage then adults, because what will happen is the McDonald's and other fast food chains will hire nothing but teenage employees to fill the schedule when school is out. Meaning adults who have to pay their rent will have their hours cut substantially and teenagers will have their hours increased. Why is it that the news commentators think they are equipped to make decisions that are way over their pay grade. They need to keep their uninformed opinions to themselves. And while I am on the subject of O'Reilly he has been being rude to you lately and I would give him less interviews until he changes his attitude. I'm not saying he has to agree with you, but something about the way he interviews you (his tone) has changed. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

    All my foregoing observations and opinions have been made from my heart with love. Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  2. Dear Laura,

    I agree with a lot of what you just stated. It is not a surprise to me that our own Government is rigged against the American people and our Great Nation. Obama is just another one of their hand puppets doing the bidding of outside Anti-American interests. Almost all of our American Government elected representatives entrusted to do what is best for our Country and the American People, that's us, instead do what is best for them! Just look at Hillary for the perfect example of a sold out Government official with no remorse for the terror she inflicts on innocent Americans! What we are seeing now is HISTORIC examples of how rigged our American system really is! Yes rigged for a long time now. How rigged most American people are just now beginning to see as Donald J. Trump brings them to the spotlight! The fireworks will become more intense as Mr. Trump Champions the People's cause to take back our Government and Country. LAW and ORDER must be restored if we are to have an American Country again, a Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

    May God continue to Bless Donald J. Trump and his Family


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