Friday, July 22, 2016

RNC 2016: Donald Trump


  1. Christina Howard, proud HoosierJuly 22, 2016 at 10:19 AM

    As a female veteran your speech last night renews my faith in a broken system. A system set-up mainly to deal with male member of our service members. All I have ever wanted to do is receive the same care as my male counterparts. As a hoosier, I know the Trump/Pence ticket will deliver one their promises, because Mike has never broken his word. However, as more and more female veterans get moved to the back of the line, it becomes harder and harder for me to watch. I myself have been made to wait up to 4 months for desperately needed surgeries, that were not able to be provided for by the VA's male dominated system. I need your help, and support you 100%! Veterans, especially women veterans need your help!


  2. As a lifelong Democrat who switched parties to vote for Donald Trump, I can honestly say the Democrats lost me at the gate, while Donald 'had me at hello'! Bravo Mr. President, for giving a magnificent speech last night that spoke to ALL Americans! You and Ivanka are a 'one two three' punch!

  3. I will not vote for donald trump until he talks about thee elderly and social security nor will I vote for hillary.

  4. Eileen. Your right he should talk about Medicare and Social Security more especially if he wants to win Florida. I have heard him speak a lot and I do know he plans to save them both.


  5. Someone needs to pay more attention. Trump has always said from the beginning he will SS alone

  6. Donald Trump will recover our Government back for us, the people, and everything will no longer run on a gravy train but instead on the Trump Train. Vote Trump if you want freedom again because with Hillary we are the ones in jail.

    May God continue to Bless Donald Trump and his Family!

  7. Our enemies are hoping for a Clinton win

  8. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I thought your speech was excellent!

    The only two things I feel is necessary to point out. . .is you need to be the "Jobs" president first. . .and the Law In Order" candidate second. I'm not saying the two issues are not equally important, but when more citizens have great job opportunities again the less crime that will be taking place on our streets! As they say, "idol hands are the Devils workshop"!!!

    Jobs. . .jobs. . .jobs is what will bring over voters from the democratic party! As for the "Law In Order" candidate you are painting the issues with too much of a broad based stroke.

    Be the "Law In Order" candidate that prevents Wall Street from getting away with draining the liquidity out of the middle-class (such as brokers in charge of a teachers pension fund being able to invest the teachers hard earned money in risky development projects where the developers have no intentions of completely paying back the debt instead the pension fund ends up with the property and takes a loss)!!!

    Be the "Law In Order" candidate that reinstates the regulations on the banks (necessary to protect the public). . .that breaks these huge banks up (that have too much power over the economy, their customers and politicians)!!!

    Be the "Law In Order" candidate who puts bankers and lawyers in jail for stealing from estate assets and little kids trust funds! And finally be the "Law In Order" candidate that has no problem putting corrupt prosecutors and police officers in jail when they violate the law by misrepresenting the facts, manufacturing evidence, violating civil rights, intimidating witnesses while protecting leaders who have committed crimes etc.!

    Sure there are many incidents where police officers get a bad rap like the cop in the Ferguson case, but the man in New York who allegedly was selling individual cigarettes who was jumped by 4 or 5 cops and ended up dead, because the one cop put him in an illegal choke hold. . .that cop should have been indicted and convicted! Personally 4 or 5 cops could have found a much better way to spend their policing time then going after a man selling individual cigarettes (what a waste of tax payers money)! The Freddie Gray case is another example. . .I believe Gray was already close to death when they put him in the back of the van. . .you can tell by his nonresponsive limbs (legs and feet) along with his head and neck. Police are suppose to catch criminals not kill them if it is not necessary! Then the recent Louisiana case. Look I agree with you that the media very rarely covers good police stories, but I don't agree with the notion that bad policing is an isolated event! I guaranty if a Police
    Officer intervened when another police office was out of line or if a police officer turned in another police officer for breaking the law or violating a civilians rights there would be more respect for law enforcement agencies. . .more citizens would trust them to turn in criminals and communities would be less divided!

    You talk about being the "Law In Order" candidate well be a "fair" one. Call it the way it is on a case by case basis. I have respect for honest, hardworking and good hearted cops! I have no respect for arrogant, cocky, think their badge gives them a right to disrespect citizens in their communities!!! Do not alienate potential voters with this nonsense that cops can do no wrong, because that notion is factually ridiculous! You can start by talking to the good cops about turning in the corrupt cops. . .you can not ask citizens to turn in thugs in their communities (be snitches) if cops have this attitude of a code of silence of brothers and sisters in blue. That is not how the real world works! There is a guy I know of with a high clearance in the government who describes the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office as thugs with badges and guns!

    Hope the suggestions help. . .just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    1. Amendment: Dear Mr. Trump:

      Typo. . ."Idle" hands are the Devils workshop!

      Another important issue that needs to be addressed is the high cost of Student Loans (you need a solution that does not include complete forgiveness of debt)! One of your huge assets in addition to your family. . . is your ability to renegotiate any deal including unbalanced trade deals (to the benefit of Americans). . .create jobs like no other leader in our countries past and actually fulfill your promises!

      These are issues that need to be hammered home. . .if you want to broaden your base including the Sanders supporters! In addition to hammering home that Sanders allegedly stood against everything Hillary stood for, but now he supports Hillary the Wall Street owned political thug! I would also let all his voters know that their votes were stolen by the career employees of the DNC who sided with the super delegates instead of their democratic constituents!

      Ask the question.

      Why didn't Hillary choose (Bernie) their candidate as her vice presidential running mate? Her VP choice should basically be viewed as a slap in the face to all his supporters!

      Just more food for thought!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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