Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner | Waldorf Astoria, NY - Oct 20, 2016


  1. Was interesting to watch and lauded the purpose of this event to help people in need. That being said, one would wonder how the media would treat Donald. No surprise, the biased comments continue, boo's have now replaced laughter. Makes you wonder again the purpose on being honest. Maybe the unjust media tell us through many prisms, they don't have mirrors in their homes. Trump will forge ahead & re-educate those that need help in their thinking. But to the have the last laugh, we know many cannot be re-educated.

  2. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I have never been so proud of you!

    When I first learned you were at this event. . .I thought why would he be at an event that Hillary would be at along with many of her wealthy donors? This is exactly the reason the american people do not trust politicians along with the rich!

    As I watched the roasting unfold. . .being presented by the Cardinal's team. . .I was utterly shocked at some things being said in fun. It didn't appear to be the type of comments any religious representative would be saying out in the public and it appeared to me they were trying to make light of the feud between you and Hillary like presenting it as usual politics! I believe their agenda was hoping your supporters and those on the fence deciding to vote for you would see you at this event with the rich and Hillary then question if you were truly an outsider.

    Well that all changed when you got up to speak. What you had to say about her team the Media pointing out the executives of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, THE WASHINGTON POST and the NEW YORK TIMES then your comments while allegedly roasting Hillary. . .was a classic! It was not you roasting her. . .you could see it was truly how you felt about crooked Hillary and the rigged system! One of my favorite comments you made was about her bumping into you and saying pardon me. . .then your response of will talk about it when I win the White House. . .then your next remark that you were just joking! You let her know you were coming after her and there would be no pardons! Way to go Trump!!!

    If you could have seen some of the faces of individuals sitting behind you as your comments were unfolding. . .you would have smiled inside.

    Those individuals knew just like I did. . .that your remarks were not a part of their agenda of roasting and appearing that you were still one of them but your utter disgust for her and quite frankly for many attending the event!

    Oh by the way. . .Melania looked beautiful! You both were dressed approximately for the Event. . .unlike Hillary.

    Keep up the Great Job representing the truth. . .you are appreciated!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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