Thursday, October 13, 2016

CBS4 News - Oct 12, 2016

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  1. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I just caught the tail end of the Pence interview on CBS This Morning Show. He was saying that people should get involved in volunteering to uphold the integrity of the election. Well News Flash you are being sabotaged by your own party! I contacted your campaign staff to inform them of a situation that took place at 133 Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Florida. As a matter of fact I contacted your former regional guy Derrick Hankerson to let him know what was going on. He informed me that it wasn't his problem! I informed him it was all our problem. As a matter of fact the woman who was so rude to me at the republican location at Beach Blvd was also rude to another woman who was interested in getting a Trump T-shirt. . .I met her while parked outside. I question if Marcia Thorne the rude woman is even a republican. . .her accent reminds me of Haiti. So her accent along with her lack of people skills and her downright rudeness to your supporters makes one question her allegiance.

    As for Derrick this is the second time I have brought to his attention the rudeness of those representing you or the republican party and he blows it off. I think you have wasted perfectly good money hiring him!

    So it is difficult to volunteer when there are individuals who seem hell bent on running great people off. To make my point further there was only one older american working the phones. . .a college age kid laying on a sofa with his lap top in hand doing who knows what and the rude woman hovering over the office. That was the negative vibe in the republican campaign location. No enthusiasm. . .kindness. . .or reflection of energy in the building. BORING!!!

    Another thing you should know about is there are people who are not wanting to donate to the republican party because they are not backing or supporting you the way they should. It also includes donating to you because they realize you are raising money for the RNC. . .not your campaign.

    Just a couple of suggestions. . .stop raising money for the RNC and watch the small donations pour into your campaign! Produce a basic Trump Tshirt to be given away or sold for $10 dollars locally and watch mini human billboards walk around advertising your campaign. . .it takes to long to receive merchandise ordered online. . .especially this close to the election.

    And why isn't there a commercial with all the newspaper clippings depicting the Clinton scandals! The Rose Law Firm. . .McDougal going to jail (Whitewater). . .Paula Jones (all the women). . .the famous blue dress (Monica Lewinsky). . .Bill's impeachment. . .Vince Foster's death. . .Hillary's private email server. . .her lying to the F.B.I. and Congress etc.? The caption "Why would you want murder conspiracies, corruption and cesspool scandals back in the White House"????

    "Vote for jobs. . .vote for Law and Order. . .vote for Veterans rights. . .vote for your rights. . .vote for Americanism not Globalism. . .vote for real change vote Trump"!

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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