Thursday, October 13, 2016

Donald Trump Holds Event in Columbus, OH - Oct 13, 2016


  1. Stop watching and reading the mainstream media, they are trying everything right now to bash Trump, few sites only are trying to report the truth - we also joined the battle for the TRUTH -

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    It just amazes me what a superficial hypocrite Michelle Obama has become.

    How can she stand before the American people criticising Donald Trump over unsubstantiated allegations. When she is on the campaign trail supporting a woman (Hillary) who has been substantiated as destroying women's lives who have been proven to be the victim of the worst political female predator in this country's history. . .Bill Clinton her husband! Seriously Michelle?

    You have just lessened your standing as the First Lady.

    What really angers me is Barack and Michelle are aware of the embezzlement case I've been working on for over 14 years. . .that powerful people have been stealing from me since I was a child. . .money I was entitled too but had "NO" clue even existed!

    We are not talking about small amounts of money. . .we are talking about at least a 160 million dollars back in 1979 and when you accumulate 37 years of interest, equity and profits would be worth in the low billions. This does not include a 2nd trust fund in my name I never knew existed and never received or reparations for the torture I have endured over 37 years. I first discovered the embezzlement in 2002. . .24 years after it began and have spent over 14 years investigating the crimes.

    The Obama's are also aware of the Clinton's connection to J. Wayne Weaver the former owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars who is not only involved in the embezzlement case, but also played a part in having me drugged. . .kidnapped and sexually assaulted. The F.B.I. and the D.O.J. in addition to many other government agencies have been trying to keep a lid on this case for years because of the powerful people involved including bankers, lawyers and politicians, but not limited to the foregoing!

    The Obama's have chosen to look the other way. . .they are shameless! Barack Obama knows that the 5 car accidents that have happened to me (not my fault) were intentional. Set in motion by the robber baron's that steal from children's trust funds and deceased people's estates. It is called attempted murder and there is no statute of limitations in regards to my case from a civil or criminal manner. These same monster's who have been a part of embezzling, money laundering and car accidents have also been behind the sexual assaults of the past! One has to find it interesting that Shahid Khan who aquired the NFL team the Jaguars from Wayne Weaver is from Chicago and believe connected to the Obama's. One would have to find it interesting that Wayne Weaver decided to sell the Jaguars while I was putting a documentary together now up on youtube. Obama also knows about more then one attempt on my life while he has been in office (WH) and has done nothing because he is protecting many including a very powerful african american female who I believe is knee deep in the embezzlement!

    Go to youtube and input including quotations "Off The Record News Campaign" in the browser section. You'll find "Off The Record News Campaign" Part 1 documentary included in the description is - Wake Up America banks "target" kids.

    The "Off The Record News Campaign" documentary is approximately 39:44 minutes long. The first 4 minutes is a theatrical skit of a 1920's / 30's extra extra read all about it theme. It was meant to coincide with a street campaign with picketers and newsies to expose the corruption. After the skit the documentary explains the background of the case then begins presenting the evidence!

    You have to put your computer in at least 720 pi / high definition mode or you will not be able to review the corporate, court and bank records / evidence.


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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