Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fox 10 & RSBN | 3rd Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, NV.

"RSBN is LIVE in Las Vegas, NV where the Trump campaign will attempt to take their message straight to the American people and bypass the corrupt mainstream media by hosting their own pregame and postgame debate shows. RSBN is proud to be a part of it, with our cameras there filming the event exclusively.
Watch the pregame show LIVE at 8:30 PM ET and the postgame show will begin immediately after the debate."

Pregame Show:

Postgame Show:


  1. Drain the Swamp = fantastic! Easy to do just have term limits on anyone elected from 2018 on (excludes the current hacks though).

  2. Mr. Trump you HAVE TO WIN this election or our country will be in even deeper trouble than it is. We have lost so many rights all ready. Sir you defintely have MY vote. I see what's going on in this campaign. Nothing about Hillary's campaign is legal. She has cheated from day one. We are ready for and need a President like you. Sir I am praying for you to take this election. We CAN'T have her in office. I WILL be watching the debate tonight. It makes me sick when I see the smug look on her face in the debates. She knows everything is rigged for her. What a disgrace she is. She says she works for children to have a good life. At the same time she is for aborting the previous babies. She can't be both ways. I love you sir and what you want to do for our country. GO WIN IT!!!! God bless

  3. Starting Wednesday Nov. 09 --- Maybe Tom will be showing Christie's Transition Team press conferences (if Chris has any time after his hours in court...).

  4. "Political Hacks" - those who hire campaign donors to do our negotiations with other countries.

    Kudos to DJT for hitting it out of the park this time.

    All through the debate Trump contrasted himself with HRC. Hope that resonates with the masses.

    Wished he would've pointed out that the most consequential difference between them:

    Godspeed Trump.

  5. Excellent debate, Mr. Trump. You most certainly and skillfully prosecuted the case against crooked hillary. Of course, the MSM is ignoring this. As always, Make America Great Again!!

  6. Great job Mr. Trump, you made her look like the mouth-breathing moron she is. Even with all of her media friends, her standard cheating, and her having a teleprompter in her podium AGAIN. Keep focused and keep talking about your policies and plans. The vast majority of Americans know that you are our last hope at saving our beloved country. Stay strong.

  7. I concur with what Laura Johnson said 1,000 times over.
    D O N O T C O N C E D E T O HRC E V E R!!
    You make a beautiful CHEESE STANDS ALONE...the honesty in your heart speaks MOUNTAINS.



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